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Swiftkey for iOS – Sort of

Many Android users are very familiar with Swiftkey’s excellent replacement keyboard, which is one of the best on Android. However, Apple are far more restrictive on custom keyboards – as in you can’t replace the keyboard, only make some enhancements in individual apps. This has obviously been vexing

iPhone App Review – Blockapp

If you’re into your Tetris-style games, Blockapp might be worth to try, even though some of the translations are a bit iffy. It’s an iOS app available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is completely free. It turns the Tetris world upside-down, as blocks glide from

Apple releases 7.1 Beta 3 to Developers

The update draws nearer. Apple today sent out their latest iteration of iOS 7.1 beta. This iteration contains some bug fixes as well as a few UI tweaks. The bug fixes aren’t as visual as the other changes, but they are most definitely there. We can show

Apple announce AppStore sales of $10 Billion

Today Apple announced that the AppStore has generated $10 Billion in 2013. Guess what, $1 Billion of that was in December alone. That’s some serious spending on the users part. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services said the following about the whole

My time with the iPhone 5S

Over the years I’ve made an attempt to try and use most of the current flagship devices, be it to see what might work for me or to remain informed about the other OS’s when I decide to criticise. Now and again during my constant phone swapping

Review – My iStory

If you’ve read my review of the HTC One or HTC One mini then you’ll know how much I love the “video montage” feature. It bundles together photos you’ve taken into a fun movie that will help you remember all those little moments from your day. If

Tomb Raider for iOS drops to 69p

Remember the day sat at home with your chipped PSX, that game with the big chested women on it with the guns. It’s the original Tomb Raider for iOS devices. Now you can relive those days with a more modern device and for a very low cost.

Instagram announce Instagram Direct

Instagram is rather popular these days, now available on most platforms (even including Windows Phone). It’s a photo sharing service that allows you to post pictures and images and your followers can see them, but what if you have a photo you only want to share with

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now for iOS

No one realised the potential of the franchise when the original Grand Theft Auto launched way back in the depths of beyond.  The top down splat them up was a great success and was swiftly followed by sequel after sequel with the latest installment becoming one of

Spotify launches free music streaming for iOS and Android

It was hinted at a short while ago (here to be precise) but it is now official, Spotify users can now stream music for free on the iOS and Android apps, but not Windows Phone yet. This now brings the apps in line with the desktop version

Despicable Me: Minion Rush now available on Windows Phone

The rather good and much loved Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 has spawned the inevitable spin off merchandise and of course mobile games. Despicable Me: Minion rush is one such game, an endless runner in 3D that is already a massive hit on Android and iOS

Twitter on iOS makes it to version 6

Twitter for iOS got an update today. Coming in at version 6 you now get added “enhancements”. The focus of this update seems to be on direct messaging. A refreshed look and feel makes it easier to access your direct messages. Not only that, direct messages can

iTunes 12 days of Xmas

Every year, in Europe, Apple run a 12 day promotion where they give away a premium app, song, TV show, film or book everyday. The promotion runs from 26th December until 6th January and this year the USA get to join in the festive fun. Each freebie

Spotify reportedly adding free, ad-supported listening to mobile apps

According to the Wall Street Journal Spotify is planning free, ad-supported listening for its iOS and Android apps. In the past, Spotify has limited mobile listening to “Premium” paying members. Free, ad-supported listening was only available on desktop and laptop computers. With the policy change, non-paying listeners

Eric Schmidt’s guide to switching to Android from iOS

Eric Schmidt doesn’t usually hold back when he has something to say, however when it comes to posting on Google+ things it seems to happen less often. This means that when a post happens people tend to notice.  People notice even more when the post relates to

SkyDrive for iOS receives an update

Microsoft sent me an email. I know. They love me. They wanted to tell me about the new SkyDrive app for iOS 7. Now, I might be rocking the boat a little here, but I think Windows Phone is gaining a little traction, so what better time

Garmin Head Up Display – Accessory Review

Traditional Satellite navigation systems were once upon a time a must have for anyone that regularly undertook long journeys to far away places. With the launch of Google maps, Apple maps and the vast array of other mapping solutions available for mobile phones the demand for Sat-Navs

Nokia music heading cross platform [rumour]

Nokia music is a free music streaming service that allows users to either choose a pre-created playlist from a wide range of themes and musical styles. You can also create one of your own by selecting up to 3 artists and letting the app then choose similar

Google Play Music available for iOS

Yes you read that right! Google have FINALLY released their Google Play Music app for Apple’s iOS! For any iPhone user who doesn’t know, Google recently launched their “All Access” service which allows subscribers to stream music in a similar way to Spotify and Deezer but the

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star game – 8 bit construction

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a game developed by NimbleBit and Disney Mobile and published by LucasArts. It is a business simulation game, based on Tiny Tower a previous hit for NimbleBit. The Emperor has tasked Darth Vader with constructing the Death Star, according to his

Hill Climb Racing – Android and iOS recommended app

Time wasting.  There are plenty of apps that can be classed as time wasters, games that you can dip in and out of, a quick read of social network feeds whilst waiting for the kettle to boil and so on. One such game that can firmly be

Justin Bieber wants you to have a selfie

Yes, I am actually writing this. I can see my fingers moving but the fact that it’s actually forming a story is rather strange. A selfie is, from what I’ve seen, a shot of yourself that you take either … a) From above by extending your arm

New PlayStation 4 around the corner as companion app arrives

Sony look to have added a new PlayStation app to the Google Play store and the iTunes store today. If rumours are to be believed, it’s to prepare us for the launch of the spanky new PlayStation 4. The app adds a portable experience to your gaming

Vine officially available on Windows Phone

Vine, the six second video service that originally launched on iOS followed by Android is finally available for Windows Phone. Windows Blog made the announcement early yesterday saying “The popularity of Vine, a mobile service for shooting and sharing six-second looping videos, is nothing short of astonishing: In barely

Help For Heroes: Hero Bears

The word hero is bandied around to cover anything from a footballer scoring a last minute goal to someone that helps an old lady to cross the street.  Whilst some may view these people as heroes, the reality is that heroes are few and far between in

Thoughts on the iPad event – Opinion

Apple announced a plethora of new software and hardware at its event on Tuesday. While we don’t really cover laptops and desktops, there still plenty of mobile goodies to discuss. iPad Air As a massive iPad fan, I was particularly looking forward to seeing what the iPad