Cortana is bridging the OS gap UPDATE

Cortana is bridging the OS gap UPDATE

Those of us who use Siri and Google Now will be familiar with the difficulties and idiosyncrasies of using a voice assistant. They sometime work and sometimes….. they don’t. They struggle with regional accents (if you are a Brummie or Glaswegian, you get me). Sometimes they are just plain stupid with their answers too.

We have all been there. We use it for a few days then give up. However, Microsoft believe that they have the voice assistant to rule them all – Cortana.

Now I am sure that you being a well educated (in mobile anyway) bunch will know exactly what Cortana is, but just in case a recap was needed here is a quick video..

So why is this news?! You can get Cortana only on those “rubbishy*” Windows Phones. Well, dear reader, that day is about to come to an abrupt end if you happen to live in the United States of Trump America. Cortana has now bridged the gap to land on iOS and Android.

Cortana is bridging the OS gap UPDATE

After conquering the Windows laptop and tablet it now wants to take over your iPhone, iPad and Android device.
Regrettably as I am not an American I cannot actually test this out for you but here are some lovely pictures instead.

There is some good news though. It will be coming to the civilised world in the near future and by the time it hits us I am sure they will have made it even better.

I do use Cortana on my Surface 3 and it is really good but it will be even better when it arrives in my phone. Regrettably this does give you one less reason to get a Lumia 950XL, but I like the fact that Microsoft have done this as it shows how they are much more open to providing services to other OS platforms. It gives me a warm gooey feeling inside like the tech world is being given a hug.

Sorry I have a had a long day….


Here is a mirror link where you can download the Cortana app if you want to test it. We can not vouch for its credibility and you install the APK at you own risk. I would recommend not using on a daily driver.