All the iPhone 6s and 6s deals – Right here

As you know, this weekend people will be rushing out to get the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It went on sale yesterday so here is a rundown of the offers, pricing and additional value added extras available on the various UK networks.


If you decide to purchase the handset  on a Red Value 4GB bundle or a higher priced bundle, you will receive free access to a either of Netflix, Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

As usual, if you purchase a handset from Vodafone you’ll receive their free “data test drive”, allowing you to use as much data as you wish within the first three months of the contract.  if you trade in your old iPhone 5 or above, you’ll receive £5 off your ongoing monthly line rental.

Prices depend on your package, but a Red Value 8GB Bundle with unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 8GB of 4G UK data (plus 12 months Netflix) is £54 a month with £29 upfront. That’s for the 16GB iPhone 6S. The same package for the iPhone 6S Plus (16GB) is £59 per month with £19 up front.
All the iPhone 6s and 6s deals   Right here

As you will have seen in a previous article here on coolsmartphone, giffgaff will be selling both of the iPhone handsets from today. The iPhone 6s (16 GB) will be available from £24.68 per month for a two year contract. The iPhone 6s Plus (16GB) will also be available from £28.35 for a two year deal. These prices might sound crazy cheap, bit don’t forget to add on the talk on top of this monthly charge. Giffgaff do a range of “goodybags” for you to choose from, splitting the cost of the phone from the airtime.


The network will offer the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in the UK with LTE-A (4G+) and Wi-Fi Calling.

The iPhone 6s 16GB will be available from £49.99 upfront plus £49.99 per month for 24 months on the 4GB EE Extra Plan. If you’re an existing EE customers, don’t worry, you can get the same plan with no upfront cost.

The iPhone 6s Plus 16GB will also be available starting from £69.99 upfront with a £54.99 cost per month for 24 months, however you do get a healthy 10GB of data on the vEE Extra Plan, and existing EE customers can get the same plan for £49.99 (£20 less) upfront.

Plus EE are stating that if customers are in the last 45 days of their plan, they can easily upgrade for free as part of EE’s standard upgrade process. 
All the iPhone 6s and 6s deals   Right here

The 16GB version of the iPhone 6s is available for £9.99 up-front then £59 per month. That’ll get you a simply insane 30GB of “4G ready” data and unlimited everything else.

If you’re after the 6s Plus then the 16GB version is £64 per month with £9.99 up front. That’ll get you the same deal.


If you want to go cheap, the 16GB iPhone 6s can be purchased for £38 per month with a £99 up-front. That’s a two-year deal and you get 1GB of data with unlimited everything else. The iPhone 6s Plus can be purchased on the same deal for £43 per month with £99 up-front. If you want to jump up to 4GB of data it’s £48 per month (same up-front price though). The iPhone 6s is £43 per month for the same 4GB offer.

Three provide 4G data in with the price.

Direct from Apple

The iPhone 6s, with its 4.7 inch display is available directly from Apple from £539. If you need a larger display then the 5.5 inch iPhone 6s plus is available from £619.

Prices increase depending on the amount of storage. For example the 6s is £699 if you choose the 128GB version. If you have some serious cash then the most expensive option is the iPhone 6s Plus 128 GB version for £789.