Google launches Android Wear App for iOS

As discussed on this week’s Podcast, many people have been looking for ways to get Android Wear devices working with iOS devices. Fortunately this task has now been made significantly easier thanks to launch of an official iOS Android Wear App.

Google launches Android Wear App for iOS

Android Wear in the Apple App Store

Currently rolling out to Apple App Stores world wide, the iOS Android Wear app provides access to a number of familiar functions including watch faces, step counting, service notifications, Google Now and voice searches.

Official Google mobile apps such as Weather and Translate are provided with the iOS App, but due to Apples strict restrictions, no third-party apps will be installable.

It is expected that all future Android Wear Devices will be officially compatible with the iOS version of Android Wear but – a word of warning – whilst users are finding that existing devices are working with the app they aren’t officially supported.

Third-party limitations aside, this is an exciting development for iPhone users wanting a different solution for their wrist base device.