Want to test a new type of bank?

Want to test a new type of bank?
This is new. Mondo is a new bank. A new type of bank and a new way of banking too. It’s designed more to help you with your life rather than controlling it, and they’re anti-fees, anti-tech clunkiness and anti-the legacy banks.

Instead of most banks, where austere banking practices and buildings try and become technically adept, this is a bank which is actually built for your phone. The team, who comprise of some rather clever people who co-founded GoCardless, are setting up an alpha-test right now for iPhone users. You can sign up to be part of it on GetMondo.co.uk, although there’s only 500 invites right now, so you’ve got to be a bit sharpish about it. The Android app is coming soon.

Here’s a little video to show you a bit more about it…


The bank / app isn’t just a shell on top of an existing bank, this gives you realtime reporting of withdrawals, a line-chart to track credits and debits, instant payment details, transactions with geo-location and peer-to-peer payments.

We’ll hopefully be getting more information on the system very soon, but do give it a spin. We’ve got a special link here that’ll actually get you bumped up the list, so head over 🙂