Grow your own weed, sell it and become rich

Grow your own weed, sell it and become rich
Shocking headline that, and it’s a questionable moral message, even if it is “just” a game. Now you can practice the cultivation and earning potential of your “empire” with Ganja Farmer, which is available for both iOS (over 17’s only) and Android (PEGI 16).

The description of this particular app states that it is..

…a relaxed weed farming simulator game where you’ll generate income by growing marijuana strains, cakes, clothing and beer, Sell these to customers for profit. Discover a fun and cartoony world were building your own ‘empire of a weed farm’ is the main objective, but don’t get to relaxed with growing! Make sure you serve your customers on time before they get impatient!

I shouldn’t be too surprised by all this to be honest. Even an app giving you a virtual weed smoking experience has been downloaded over 80,000 times, so this one slots into the mass of other drug-related apps on the app stores. Here’s a little video showing you around Ganja Farmer…

Features include a “A smoking experience that encourages you to chill-out” and.. ermm.. “a complex economical system wich (sic) will render your actions into profit or loss”. After that the spelling and general grammar of the developer seems to be “affected” somewhat. I can’t think why..

A gorgeus and stunning setting, in a world with hand-drawn images, set in a large area for you to build on (wich can be expanded over time!)

Grow your own weed, sell it and become rich

OK then..