Starbucks ‘order ahead’ service coming soon

Starbucks order ahead service coming soon

Put this one squarely into the ‘First World Issues’ box. Just picture the scene: you’re on the way to work or on your lunch break, you don’t have long to get back to the office but you absolutely, desperately, madly need a skinny mocha choca latte frappe with a pink straw. What do you do?! Turn up late, or miss out on those yummy calories? Worry not, because Starbucks has the answer. Just released in the US, is their ‘order ahead’ system, which allows you to order and pay in advance via their official app (only on Android and iOS), and then to turn up and collect your drink. It’s a service available in 7,400 shops in the US and the most exciting news is that it will be available in Blighty next month!

Problem? Solved.

More details are here.