Almost Impossible! for iOS [Review]

Dan Counsell is the man who brought us Realmac Software, an amazing software company out of England that currently makes RapidWeaver, Clear, and This time around he decided to create a personal project: a game available for iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. I took the iPhone version for a spin and was quite impressed with what I saw!

Almost Impossible! for iOS [Review]

When starting Almost Impossible! for the first time, there isn’t an on-boarding experience. The user jumps right into gameplay by simply left or right on the screen to move the bouncing ball of light forward or backwards. You must jump over platforms and avoid the red-coloured shapes of evil in order to progress through levels. These levels act more like checkpoints and appear after every challenge. In the event you touch a shape of evil and die, you return to the checkpoint/level start. As far as I can tell, this damages your overall score in Game Centre leaderboards, but I’m not sure by how much or how the app scores you. Additionally, there are parts where after falling off of a moving platform, you are forced to die in order to reset platform positions. This is a little frustrating, but because of how frequently checkpoints appear, it is a minor problem I can live with.

Almost Impossible! is one of those games you can pick up while waiting for the bus or in between meetings for a few minutes. Of course, levels get harder as you progress until they’re Almost Impossible! The graphics are great and the futuristic soundtrack is fitting. If you’re looking for a quick-fix game and are out of Candy Crush levels, give Almost Impossible a try!

Almost Impossible! is available for iOS and Apple TV at £1.49 GBP, and Mac for £2.99 GBP.

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