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Backbone iPhone 5s Wireless Charging Case Review

We see a lot of cases here at Coolsmartphone but we’ve been seeing an increasing profile from the people at Dog and Bone. This one is a bit special because it’s a case which makes your phone charge wirelessly and it comes with a clever charging base

Win an iPhone Access Case from the Nodus Collection

It’s Competition Time here at Cool Smart Phone and following Kaleb’s review of the Access Case from The Nodus Collection we have one of the beauties for the iPhone 5 series to give away. In his review Kaleb described the Access Case as beautifully crafted and nearly

The Access Case is a Minimal Leather Case for iPhone

I’ve tried many iPhone cases. Leather ones are certainly my favourite, and the Access Case doesn’t fail to impress. There are most definitely plenty of leather wallet cases available, but this one is my favourite. It’s nearly perfect down to the last stitch. What is it? The Access

Going on holiday? Don’t forget to use protection

Some months ago I wrote up a review of this TouchAbility waterproof case. If I remember correctly I splashed it with water, got the hose-pipe on it and gave it some positive feedback. However, it’s rare that reviewers get enough time to do a full-on test. Say,

The Snugg iPhone 5 case review

If I’m honest, it’s sometimes tricky to write a great deal about a case. This one is from Snugg and the blue ultra thin case we have here is £9.99. For that you get a case with a non-slip, durable finish which, if anything, adds to the

LG G3 QuickCircle Snap-on case now available

You read our LG G3 review, right? If you liked it, bought one, want to keep it in good condition and you’re looking for a case, give this a whirl. The highly sought after official QuickCircle Snap-on case has arrived at Mobile Fun this morning and this

Blacksmith Labs leather case review

A little while back I was emailed asking if I would like to review a leather case for a company. My initial reaction was a bit “Meh”, but then I got sent pictures and I suddenly changed my tune. I jumped at the chance. The Blacksmith Labs cases are

An iPhone case that helps you screw

If you, like me, are after a case for your phone that also has tweezers, scissors and a tooth pick, your prayers are answered my friend. This is the In1 Multi-Tool iPhone 5 case. Not only does it protect your handset, but you can file your nails,

Mophie Juice Pack Helium review

I for one use my phone a lot, Believe me, unlimited call plans were a bad idea. Battery life, needless to say, is an issue. However, there is a solution. A sexy one too. Well, I think it is anyway. Ever since the days of the 3GS,

iPhone Mixtape case, complete with 8GB storage, now available

We’ve seen funky iPad cases before. We’ve seen cases that look like cassette tapes too, but we’ve not seen an iPhone 5 / 5s case which also adds a USB stick. This one is ideal for budding DJ’s, musicians, photographers or anyone who wants to store and

Win! Five CAT Active Urban Cases to giveaway

It’s January 1st, New Years Day 2014. The very last thing I should be doing is SHOUTING but, on a dreary wet day when your hangover is making your head feel like a football, I figured that a competition was in order. If you’re lucky enough to

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Nexus 5 Case Review

Google’s flagship handset has been with us for a while now and some quality Nexus 5 accessories made by third party manufacturers are beginning to filter through. One such accessory hoping to be added to the must have list is the Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid case and

Cat iPhone 5/5S Case review

As I rule I usually buy just cheap cases for my iPhones. Although I’ve never broken one, I see more iPhones with dents and broken screens than any other phone. I don’t really like these cases, but they serve to keep the back scratch free, but let’s

Halloween themed 3D Printed iPhone cases

Do you remember last year we reviewed a custom 3D Printed Coolsmartphone iPhone 5 case? Well, the company who printed it for us, Sculpteo, have some Halloween themed cases you can personalise and get printed for your iPhone. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, but these

Otterbox unveil the Commuter Wallet case

I’m a bit of an OtterBox fan. I like to have my latest device protected. By protected I mean really protected, I usually choose an OtterBox case happy in the knowledge it will be nice and solid. Well today OtterBox have announced something new and a bit

Lifeproof iPad Mini case – Review

Sometime ago I bought myself a shiny new retina display iPad, lovely I thought, that was until my wife saw it. ..I no longer have a retina iPad. Then Apple released the iPad mini. Great, I thought,  I’ll treat myself, plus it will be easy to pop

Stick some egg on toast next to your ear

We’re fairly used to seeing swish smartphone covers here at Coolsmartphone, so this rather different iPhone 5 case defnitely raised a few eyebrows. It comes via the Rakuten Japan website and, as you can no doubt see, features a rather perfect egg on some lightly browned toast.

Spigen Ultra Thin Air Case for LG Nexus 4 – Review

Intro I’m a dropper, a slipper, a butterfingers, the type of person who knows if the phone can drop at the worst time, it will. So testing the snappily named Spigen SGP Google Nexus 4 Ultra Thin Air Case for my Nexus 4 was something I  took

Review – The Snugg real bamboo wooden case

A case made of bamboo. It’s not something you hear of every day, but that’s what he people from The Snugg have loaned us. It’s currently £29.99 or $29.99 (don’t get me started on that currency conversion) and here’s a look at it. First up. Yes, it’s

Dirty, topless, exposed and wet? Don’t worry, you’re safe

Coorrr… Topless and exposed. Yes, it’s a phone case. This one is from a company called Dog and Bone cases, and it’s apparently a world-first topless waterproof rugged mobile phone case with an exposed touch screen. There’s even a patent pending on the waterproof technology that basically