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LG G5 Case Special

How do you cover a phone which effectively comes apart? Well, it is possible. The boys from sent us a few to try and, with the aid of video and some lovely photos, we’re going to have a look at them. First, for those of you

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – Case reviews

Choosing your next smartphone is a big decision. With different storage options, colours and sizes now available it can be no easy choice to make. However, protecting your phone can be just as important, and this gets even more complicated with the hundreds of options available to

Make your iPhone smell of pizza

Why anyone would want this I don’t really know, but of you’re a big fan of pizza perhaps it’ll float your boat. Pizza Hut are giving you the chance to win one of a thousand iPhone covers that smell of pizza. To win you’ll need to download

Slicoo Wood / Bamboo case for Galaxy S7 – Overview

We got sent this “Nature Series” case by Slicoo. It’s just £9.99 from Amazon at the moment and we did let them know that we hadn’t actually got a Samsung Galaxy S7 to test it with, but they said not to worry. The full name for this

Coolsmartphone Competition – Win an Honor6+ Cover

Update – The Competition is now closed guys – Honor will be in touch with the winners in the very near future. The 10 winners are:  J Boshell, D Martin, J Begum, P Miranda, D Thornton, I Gregson , R Toms, W Spendlove, P Alfano, K Subashov  – enjoy your prize guys. We all love the

The Hitcase PRO – Review

Putting your phone in a case, especially if it’s an iPhone, has now become a requirement if you want to keep your handset looking pristine. However, if you want to take it out with you on a bike or perhaps a boat, canoe or speedboat, you’re going

The Connected Sleeve – Charge your phone in the case!

De Rigueur have launched a new product on Kickstarter called the Connected Sleeve, which is a wireless charger embedded inside a handmade leather case for your phone. The cases have been designed specifically by the French designer De Rigueur. The Connected Sleeve received a CES Innovation Award at

Plemo LG G4 Heavy Duty Case – Review

I recently received a Plemo LG G4 heavy duty case from Avantek UK for review. So here is a run down of the case and my thoughts on it. The case comes in three parts, the first two of which are required and form the main case, the

Apple releases iPhone battery case

The achillies heel of the modern smartphone is battery life, hence the multitude of battery packs and third-party battery boosting cases flooding onto the market. It’s solved a problem, but you’ve had to get that solution from elsewhere. Now Apple has finally decided to step into the

Filofax iPad Case – Review

Filofax is a well-known brand name associated with traditional paper-based diaries and personal organisers. Filofax products were always high-quality but there may be a natural assumption that their target audience shrank due to electronic portable replacements. But in order to remain relevant, Filofax have diversified into tech

Dux iPad Air case – Review

Cases are ten a penny these days so it takes something special to make them stand out. First impressions count, even if we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover! The STM Dux case for the first generation iPad Air is marketed on the

Trendz fashion mobile accessories – Reviewed

Technology doesn’t have to be be dull, in fact it can become a fashionable accessory to your life, a little extension of your personality or just great to look at. A great example of a company trying to inject a little style into a our technology packed

Rock Dr V Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus – Review

There are a million and one phone cases out there, so it’s always nice to review one that is slightly out of the ordinary.  The Rock Dr V Protective Case offers something different, I’m just not convinced what the point is.  What is novel I hear you

Inateck IPX8 Waterproof Pouch review

Ahhhh, the British summer is here! What does this mean? Day trips to the beach, ice cream and loads and loads of photos. But, if you want to take your beloved smartphone with you, you’ll need some form of protection. Not from the sun, no, but from

innerexile Hydra self-healing case review (iPhone 6)

We all want to keep our shiny new phones looking as perfect for as long as possible. Lets be honest who wants to see a mark on their £500 new baby? When it comes to keeping devices like new there are thousands and thousands of options. all

UNU DX-Free case review

On modern smartphones battery life can take a massive hit. Consider all your favourite apps running in the background, emails, tweets and updates plus GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. There are portable chargers available which help boost the battery but these need to be carried around with your

Mophie Juice Pack iPhone 6 Plus – Review

Battery cases and portable chargers are becoming ever more popular. Just look at EE, who had a million requests for their Power Bar scheme. I’ve been a fan of the Mophie Juice Packs since I bought my first one for the iPhone 4S. I’m a heavy user

Tech21 Patriot Case – Review

I think I have a fetish for cases, either that or I have just never managed to find the right one. I’m always swapping and changing. Now this is my next victim, the Tech21 Patriot Case. This is a rugged case for my iPhone 6 Plus. Tech21 assure