Wrappz cases. Half price!

Way back in 2013, when I was still at school (ahem..), we covered Wrappz.com. They do personalised covers and skins for your phone.

This weekend, and only this weekend, they’re reducing the prices of their cases by 50% if you put in the code 4EVER.

It’s simple to order. Just head to their cases, choose a case type, then choose your phone, then make it your own by adding images and designs. Boom, done.

As a rough idea on pricing, the Galaxy S7 cases are £14.95, so this weekend you can take 50% off that if you use the code. That means £7.48 off. You still have to add the £2.95 postage, but hey, with your own personal touch you’re gonna be getting a case that looks like no other.