The Wallet Slayer!

I’m perhaps a bit “old-school” because I still have a wallet. In recent years I’ve seen more and more people using a flip cases which has their debit and credit cards on the inside.

With people using real cash less, they’re now just merrily tapping away with either their bank card or phone – and with just a few cards needed for daily life, it can be tucked into a phone case.

But what if you don’t actually want a case that closes over the front of your screen? Well, here’s some new cases from a company called Silk. They sell their kit via their own store on or via Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Now, I’ll be taking a deeper look at these cases in video shortly, but I wanted to give you a sneaky peak on the Samsung Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy 10 and the Galaxy 10+. All of these cases are a little bulky, but they have a natty rear card holder with a clever system for grabbing onto your cards so that they don’t fall out. It’s best shown in video so I’ll bring you that next week. However, you can slot 3 cards in there and some cash too – if you still use that.

These really do protect your phone brilliantly, and you can see that the buttons on the case are aligned with the buttons on your phone – no awkward holes here like on some cases. They’re a neat fit – durable, light and with grippy, textured sides. They also throw in a lifetime warranty.

We’ll have more on this shortly – plus another cool gadget they’ve sent along.