Get a protective case… for your PlayStation?

The PS4 that my son has is an expensive piece of kit. I’m forever telling him to be careful with the games too, as I’m sure you guys do at home. Just one scratch, one mark, and that ever-so-expensive game will refuse to load.

So, when I came home the other day to find discs, headsets and controllers all over the floor, I had a bit of a meltdown. Why? Well, the whole thing is expensive, and it needs taking care of. So, while clearing it all away with my son I tried to talk about the value of money. To him, like a lot of kids, it doesn’t mean a great deal right now. So, I’m trying to install some values about how hard you have to work in order to have nice things. The PS4, once you’ve got it, needs “feeding” with more money too, whether it be from games or a monthly subscription fee for the PlayStation Plus membership. Whilst this gives you access to 24 free game downloads each year, it’s still something you need to pay for if you want to keep up with your peers.

This is what happens when you leave controllers on the floor!

Kids now live in a different world to the one I remember. I was lucky if I had a TV in my room, and there wasn’t anything connected to the web! Now, with the likes of PlayStation Plus and Twitch, YouTube or Reddit, you can connect to like-minded people around the world.

However, that costs money too, and my son wants an iPad so that he can call friends.

However, if we switch back to the PS4 rant .. I got interrupted when he mentioned some special boxes and cases that he wanted to use for his PlayStation. Now, I’ve obviously heard about phone cases, but there’s gaming cases too. He showed me some of them on the web, and that’s when I got totally distracted. If you’re serious about gaming, and you visit tournaments or simply shiver at the mental image of gadgets and games scattered on the floor, you can get hard protective cases to protect your kit from dust, water and knocks. Have a look at the range over on the Case Farm. It’s a whole world I’d never seen before!

I’ll try not to mention how my son also then mentioned how my “expensive phone was always being dropped on the floor and didn’t have a cover”.

Ahhh.. busted.