My phone is now held together with sticky tape

I like to think that I’m quite careful with my phone. I have an LG G5 at the moment and, although it’s perhaps not as nice to look at as some smartphones, I still prefer it to be case-free.

Until yesterday I was quite proud of the fact that, over the months I’ve had this and carried it around, it was pretty scratch-free. The screen isn’t scratched and it doesn’t look too bad considering the places I’ve been and the “one handed whilst walking along a footpath” usage I give it. How I haven’t dropped it I really don’t know.

Trouble is, this phone has a “feature”. The feature in question is the slide-out battery, and it was part of the whole “modular phone” idea that LG were going with in 2016. 

Other manufacturers tried it too, but LG jumped in with both feet. They offered extra plug-in gadgets like the B&O PLAY audio system and the LG Cam Plus module to give you a power-boost when you’re snapping shots. These gadgets all slide in at the bottom of the phone, and you just need to click a button on the side to release the accessory in question.

I’ve been keen to show people my slide out battery recently (hey, no laughing at the back) and it appears to have worn the “clip” that holds the lower portion of the phone in place. The result, for some reason, is that the microphone works when it wants to. People can sometimes hear me and sometimes can’t, so now I’ve resorted to one of two solutions..

1 – Plug in a Bluetooth headphone or normal wired headphones

2 – Putting some tape on the back of the phone to hold it together.

Yes. Tape.

My flashy smartphone now has a sticky bit of tape on the back and, well, it’s not cool is it? 

It’s another lesson for myself. Even though I’ve kept my phone scratch and dent free, I’ve not kept the phone secure, and that could’ve all been prevented (as my wife told me last night, several times) if I’d used a case. A case, “like normal people do Leigh”, as she put it.

So today I’m heading over to as they have quite a few tough but rather individual cases that will protect your phone BUT also look good at the same time.

If that fails, I think I might find an excuse to buy a new phone entirely 🙂