Noreve Saint-Tropez Tab S2 Case – Review

There are a couple of sayings which are used in everyday life that come true when you use a case from Noreve:

1. You get what you pay for
2 You buy cheap, you buy twice


Good points

  • Made from premium real leather
  • Top build quality
  • Feels fantastic in the hand
  • Offers good device protection

Bad points

  • Price
  • Does add some bulk to a device
  • A little tricky to use the stand function
  • Does not utilise screen on/off functions of the device

Some time ago, I was given a genuine leather Noreve case to review for my Oneplus 3T which you can see here. I’ve got to say that in all this time later in which that case has been used extensively, it is still as good as the day I received it – if not better – now that the leather has aged.

So when Noreve got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to review a case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 inch version, I jumped at the chance.


From the moment you receive a Noreve case, it just oozes with quality. It begins with the unboxing process. The case arrives in its own high-quality cardboard box, inside of that is a velvet bag that holds the case, and that distinctive smell of genuine leather; first impressions really do last.



On the inside of the case is even more soft touch padded and embossed leather to protect your device.

In use

I did find that fitting the Tab S2 into the Noreve case a bit of a tricky affair, as it doesn’t snap in as with similarly designed cases, It was a case of sliding the case under the lip on one side and then snapping the other side in. On that point, to use this case as a stand, you have to snap your device out of one side, which is a bit of a tight fit, but I can see this becoming easier as the case ‘beds in’.

The case does add quite a bit of bulk, especially when compared to some of the other cases on the market, but this case does feel absolutely fantastic in the hand. Although not billed as a rugged case, I would imagine the Noreve Saint-Tropez case would offer some drop protection. One downfall was this case doesn’t utilise the sleep/wake function on the Tab S2.


The Noreve Saint-Tropez case is available from Noreve, along with cases for numerous other devices and tablets. It is currently priced at $73 or £55, which is a high price point, but this is a top, premium quality, real leather case. I’m currently on my 3rd case for my Tab S2, as either the brittle plastic breaks or the magnets fall out. Those cases were about £12 each, so I’m £36 in already.

When you first pick up this case, you do think “how much!”, but then as you hold it more and more, you realise the quality in its materials and build, (well, Apple seem to pull it off).

So if you’re after a special gift for a loved one (or yourself of course), head over to Noreve and check out the range.