Huawei P20 Pro Case Roundup

With smartphone prices getting more and more expensive, now more than ever you need to make sure you have some sort of case to protect it from scratching and breaking.

The Huawei P20 Pro is one of those flagship devices that has caught a lot of attention, mainly down to the insane 3 camera setup including a massive 40 megapixels.

As the main focus point of this phone is the camera, you are more likely to damage or drop when using just because you are taking it out your pocket more.

Friends of the site Mobile Fun came to my rescue and offered some different case options to try out and give my thoughts on to see which is worth your money investing in.

All the cases here were sent to us to review by Mobile Fun and we thank them for the offer.

Official Magnetic Car – £17.99

This is a great case for anyone who needs their phone in the car and does not want a fiddle with an annoying cradle in the air vent like the old days.

The case is strong and robust, feels great in the hand, and the key is the magnet in the back which can be used to hold the phone up whilst driving.

This is good for anyone who uses any mapping software to track their route as well as for listening to music.

I don’t even drive yet I enjoyed the overall design and build this case had to offer so is well worth considering for this price.

Official Silicone Blue – £13.99

I have used a silicone case for an iPhone before and loved the feel it has. Whilst it may not feel as strong as some other cases, the beautiful blue colour and soft touch finish make this a great case to protect and show off your device.

The case is thick enough to protect the camera hump on the back when out flat on a table and the material used adds to the overall grip so you are less likely to have it slip out of your hand.

I did find that this case picked up smudges and held onto bits from your pocket more than others, but a quick wipe sorts that out and it is a small price to pay for a great feeling case with grip.

The silicone case covers most of your device with it’s sides and the top fully protected, the bottom is open for the speakerphone and charging port to be used.

Official Black Case – £24.99

At £25, this was the most expensive case from the range I selected but considering the phone costs near £800, paying a bit more for a premium case is a decent investment and in holding the value of your P20 Pro.

The black back looks great on the phone and does a great job at protecting whilst looking good too.

The sides are almost clear so you can see the sim tray for example.

Whilst the sides are both covered, the top and bottom area are not, some may not like this and some may not mind.

With the frame around the P20 Pro being metal it may take a few knocks so if you are at all worried about not having total protection then maybe look for the official silicone case which just has the bottom area uncovered.

The case does look great though and is one I would really consider using full time on my own device.

Olixar Leather Stand– £9.99

This case was the cheapest in the selection I had and is almost a wildcard pick for me to talk about.

Personally I do not normally go for the flip style case which flips over to cover the screen, however there are many people out there who love this type of design so would only be fair I include this in the mix.

The leather finish feels good in the hand and premium which is nice, especially considering this case will only cost you £9.99

The camera hump is well protected on the back with the leather being quite thick so this was good to see so you do not have to worry about scratching the camera glass.

Inside the case has a space to store two cards such as a travel card and a bank card meaning you could leave your wallet at home if needed, handy for a night out.

Another great feature is where you fold the case back and into a stand mode, this then has the display showing at a decent angle when on a table to be able to watch videos or listen to music.

At just £9.99 this case is one to really consider, especially if you like the flip style cases and want the handy extras it brings such as the card holder or stand for watching videos.

There are many more cases available should none of these take your fancy, so check out Mobile Fun for their full selection