Smartish – Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases galore

The lovely people at Smartish have sent us some Samsung Galaxy S20 cases. We don’t, however, have any Samsung Galaxy S20 handsets to put them on.

We’ve opened up the box of cases they sent and we’re going to take an up-close look at them here. You’ll see a lot of these wallet cases here. They feature a tight slot for your credit and debit cards, plus it’ll protect your Samsung phone extremely well. The upshot is that you get a phone that’s got a higher trade-in value at the end of your contract.

I wouldn’t call these “bulky” but there’s a definite size to them – that does, however, deliver air-pocket corners and superior grip so you don’t drop your phone. You can also stick some notes in the back section if you wish.

This first Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is a “Wallet Slayer” and this particular version has a lovely image of a dog on the back. I couldn’t find this exact design on their site but you can get this one for $19.99

Smartish have been around for over 10 years now and their cases have always fitted perfectly when we’ve tried them. There’s some chunky buttons for the volume and the power etc.

Next up, the Galaxy S20+ Wallet Slayer and again, it’s grippy, flexible and holds up to three cards. This one is fairly understated but you do have a range of shades and colours. Head to this bit of the Smartish website to choose the version that suits you.

This is the “Black Tie Affair”..

Next, for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and this one is in the “Chefs Special” version..

I do like the design of the Chefs Special above – the colour suits it very well. Lastly though we’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S20 case. Again, just $19.99 and brilliant protection. This one has a lovely flowery finish to it..

We’ve got one more gadget which I’ll show you tomorrow, butĀ if you head to the Smartish website and stay on the homepage for a bit, you’ll probably find a 10% discount voucher for all the items above, so check it out if your interested in a case for your shiny new Samsung!