Another flying Selfie Shooter – AirSelfie

Just the other week we had the SELFLY. It was a flying camera which, when it wasn’t in the air, formed a case around your phone. Now, we’ve got a competitor in the form of the AirSelfie.

It looks to be a smaller and ultra-portable. The people behind it are actually showing it off in their London offices next week, so this isn’t just some CGI thing either. Four powerful propellers lift the unit into the sky and a 5 megapixel video camera shoots footage or takes a photo of you from on high. It’s smaller than a smartphone and can fly up to 66 feet up. You control it with your smartphone via the WiFi hotspot that is generated and it’s powered by a rechargeable battery.

As before, this lives in a case on your smartphone so you can launch it a and when you need. It’ll then land safely and smoothly onto your open hand, or you can simply grab it while it’s hovering.

It’s up for pre-order, but do check that your phone has a compatible case for this. It’s perhaps a little expensive for a lot of selfie fans (prices start at €249) but I guess you could perhaps tie your existing smartphone to a balloon to get a cheaper option…

OK, that was a daft idea..