OnePlus 8T – The cases

Following on from our OnePlus 8T review, we’re going to have a look at a couple of the cases you can buy. First though, what about the one you get free in the box? Well, all I’ll say is – put it on. It’s see-through, flexible and it’ll stop scratches and knocks. Sure, it does detract a bit from the styling, but what case doesn’t? Here it’s as understated as possible and it clings to the OnePlus 8T very well..

Emblazoned with the “Never Settle” logo, it’s fairly flexible and easy to put on. I’ve had this particular in-box case on since receiving the review unit and it’s a perfectly snug fit.

There’s a plastic push-through button over the power / wake key and an opening for the ring / silent switch. You can also see the rear dotted finish on the case here. It’s not as noticeable as it appears on this shot.

The following two cases are now available to buy on the OnePlus 8 website via the OnePlus accessories pages.

My favourite has to be this “Cyborg Cyan” case, which is classed as a “Quantum Bumper Case”. It’s £30.95.

This one has more rigidity to it, but fits beautifully and has perfectly cut-out holes in all the right places..

The next case we took a look at is the Sandstone Cyan Bumper case. Again, very rigid but this time there’s less funky graphics on the back and more of a grippy feel thanks to the contours around the edges of the case. This should stop you dropping the phone as much. It’s also cheaper – £22.95 and you can choose to have it in black if you want too.

Again, as this is a case made by OnePlus, it fits the phone perfectly.

Those edges feel do help and again – we’ve got that hole for the silent / ringer switch.

The latter two cases – which you’ll hopefully be able to see listed on the OnePlus accessory pages by the time this article goes live, are very high quality, fitting and moulding onto the OnePlus 8T with ease. They’re tough, rigid and will keep your phone looking like new.

Even if you don’t want to shell out on a case, definitely use the one in the box (shown at the top of this article). It’s free, it’s worthwhile and it looks good t’boot.