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iPhone 5c 8GB Now available to buy

As we first predicted yesterday,  the new 8GB version of the iPhone 5c is now available to buy for the…  ahem.. “bargain-basement” price of £429 unlocked. The usual bright colours are available and you will have it despatched within 24 hours. This is a £40 discount off

Pebble Steel – Review

The original Pebble was one of the first SmartWatches that actually got my attention, up until then SmartWatches were just trying far too hard. With devices like the Sony Liveview being flawed by horrific software and driver issues. What Pebble were offering seemed to fit a lot

Apple to launch iPhone 5c 8GB tomorrow

We’ve received an anonymous email from a Coolsmartphone reader evidencing the arrival of an 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c. The new device will be available in all the currently available colours, and represents Apple’s push into the midrange phone market. The device is to be unveiled

Decisions, decisions…

It has come to that time again, the one that occurs every two years and send shivers down the spine of every mobile phone addict… upgrade time. As yet I haven’t had the barrage of phone calls from my network asking me to upgrade to whatever random

The Garmin VivoFit is now available exclusively at John Lewis

I just don’t get exclusivity deals, in my eyes it only benefits the manufacturer and the retailer, not the consumer and the Garmin VivoFit fitness band is one such tie up. With it being available exclusively at John Lewis. The NEW Garmin vívofit is the only fitness

Apple announce CarPlay

Apple have announced CarPlay – their new way of connecting your iPhone to your car infotainment system allowing you to access all the functions like messaging, music and navigation on the console. It is due to launch this year on a select range of cars, the first

An iPhone case that helps you screw

If you, like me, are after a case for your phone that also has tweezers, scissors and a tooth pick, your prayers are answered my friend. This is the In1 Multi-Tool iPhone 5 case. Not only does it protect your handset, but you can file your nails,

Mophie Juice Pack Helium review

I for one use my phone a lot, Believe me, unlimited call plans were a bad idea. Battery life, needless to say, is an issue. However, there is a solution. A sexy one too. Well, I think it is anyway. Ever since the days of the 3GS,

iPhone Mixtape case, complete with 8GB storage, now available

We’ve seen funky iPad cases before. We’ve seen cases that look like cassette tapes too, but we’ve not seen an iPhone 5 / 5s case which also adds a USB stick. This one is ideal for budding DJ’s, musicians, photographers or anyone who wants to store and

Apple releases 7.1 Beta 3 to Developers

The update draws nearer. Apple today sent out their latest iteration of iOS 7.1 beta. This iteration contains some bug fixes as well as a few UI tweaks. The bug fixes aren’t as visual as the other changes, but they are most definitely there. We can show

Apple announce AppStore sales of $10 Billion

Today Apple announced that the AppStore has generated $10 Billion in 2013. Guess what, $1 Billion of that was in December alone. That’s some serious spending on the users part. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services said the following about the whole

My time with the iPhone 5S

Over the years I’ve made an attempt to try and use most of the current flagship devices, be it to see what might work for me or to remain informed about the other OS’s when I decide to criticise. Now and again during my constant phone swapping

Review – My iStory

If you’ve read my review of the HTC One or HTC One mini then you’ll know how much I love the “video montage” feature. It bundles together photos you’ve taken into a fun movie that will help you remember all those little moments from your day. If

Are iPhone users more intelligent?

It’s an often discussed topic as to whether iPhone users are more intelligent than other smartphone users, or the opposite as they need a simpler phone. Well now there is “proof” – iPhone users are more intelligent. Now before you all head straight to the comments section

The moment when Android had to start again

Here’s a pretty interesting story from The Atlantic (no, me neither) with some revelations from Chris DeSalvo. He worked with Andy Rubin at Danger before switching to Google to work on Android. It was 2005 and Android was in the early stages, but by January 2007 and

Cut The Rope 2 comes to iOS

The previous release of Cut The Rope was an excellent pick me up game. I loved making the cuts here and there getting the candy for Om Nom. Now I can carry on in the sequel. With more levels and added characters this looks to be another

Cat iPhone 5/5S Case review

As I rule I usually buy just cheap cases for my iPhones. Although I’ve never broken one, I see more iPhones with dents and broken screens than any other phone. I don’t really like these cases, but they serve to keep the back scratch free, but let’s

Jury decides that Samsung only owe Apple $888 million

I’ll try and cut this down because, in my humble opinion, these lawsuits are doing my tiny little head in. Samsung and Apple have been fighting in the courts for a while now, but in the US Samsung were found by a jury to be copying Apple.

Android users switching to iPhone in increasing numbers

A recent survey done by CIRP (an American research company) has found that more and more users are switching from Android to iPhone and more people are upgrading from iPhone to iPhone than a year before.   Last year 55% of iPhone buyers were upgrading from a

Got an iPhone 5c on 4G? You’re probably the only one

When we first saw the iPhone 5s and 5c we had a small worry. Deep down we knew that the Apple brand was so strong that people really wouldn’t want the “second best” and today Reuters have reported that people seem to be preferring the 5s over

Halloween themed 3D Printed iPhone cases

Do you remember last year we reviewed a custom 3D Printed Coolsmartphone iPhone 5 case? Well, the company who printed it for us, Sculpteo, have some Halloween themed cases you can personalise and get printed for your iPhone. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, but these

Otterbox cases and the iPhone 5/5S – Review

I’ve grown fond of Otterbox over the years, having found them years ago whilst looking for a rugged case for my Dell Streak 5. Fast forward a few years and Otterbox are one of THE names for mobile phone and tablet cases, with many different designs and

New Samsung Galaxy Gear ad seems to ape first iPhone advert

You may not remember the first ever iPhone commercial. After all, it was 6 years ago. It featured scenes of people using various telephones in movies and TV shows. At the end the first ever iPhone is displayed with a catchy strapline. Matthew Panzarino (@panzer), remembers this

Otterbox unveil the Commuter Wallet case

I’m a bit of an OtterBox fan. I like to have my latest device protected. By protected I mean really protected, I usually choose an OtterBox case happy in the knowledge it will be nice and solid. Well today OtterBox have announced something new and a bit

Olo Creatures Snap Dog iPhone 5/5S case review

So, you want a decent quality gel-type case for your iPhone 5, but you’d like to to have a stand function too. No problem, there are loads to choose from. You also want it to look like a dog?! I have just the thing sir… The Olo