iPhone 8 Pre-order day – The best deals we’ve found so far!

You’ve heard all about it, now you want to get yourself one. Well, today is the day to put in that pre-order, and we’re seeing deals popping up on mobile comparison sites already. Here’s a look at some of the offers we’ve spotted so far, but do let us know if you’ve seen a better deal and we’ll add it here.

First, the handset that’ll be probably bthebmost popular initially, the iPhone 8 64GB version..

  • EE are offering 1GB of 4G data plus unlimited everything else. It’s £99.99 up-front and then £47.99 per month. Deal is available here.
  • BT have a 500MB plan with 400 minutes and unlimited texts. This time it’s a £250 up-front and then £47 per month. Offer details are on their website.

Want more data? Well, if you don’t mind paying a bit more up-front, you can still pay a reasonable amount per month for that enhanced internet allowance. OK then, try these ones..

If you want to keep that up-front cost down, well, the monthly cost does escalate somewhat.