iPhone X – Watch as people queue up outside a fake Apple store.

I’ll be honest here. I don’t have £999 for a phone. I’m using an Honor 9 for £379.99 (read all about it here) and.. well, it’s perfect for me. Lovely camera, a speedy experience, great screen and it looks bloody gorgeous. If I had £999 floating around, I’d take the family on holiday, and if I’ve spent less on my smartphone, there’s more chance of us going on a better holiday too.

Sorry, I don’t get spending £999 on the iPhone X, £39 on a case, £199 on Apple Care (which, if you bust your iPhone X, you’ll need to pay £25 for excess screen damage and £79 for any other damage).

My Honor 9 has a free case in the box. I don’t have insurance on it but if it breaks, I can buy a whole new one and still pay less than one Apple iPhone X. Even if I did take insurance, it’s still far less per year. I don’t see how the iPhone X and a case is worth the £659 extra, I really don’t.

Anyhow. The people from Improv Everywhere decided to set up a fake Apple store in NYC. They dressed up a glass lift at 23rd street to look like a pop-up store glass cube. Then, with fake Apple Store employees and a queue of 50 iPhone X customers who were in on the gag, they also brought in their own tech “reporters” to add to the illusion. I’m not overly sure why they did all this. I think they were just bored or perhaps wanted to get some YouTube hits. It all seems a bit pointless.

Those who fell for the gag didn’t really lose out though, as actors took the “only 50 available phones”. Those that did get caught up in the fun reacted well..