One of the best photographs of Birmingham, taken on an iPhone

I’ve been kicking around this planet for a while now and, as I live in Staffordshire, I’ve visited Birmingham quite a bit. Nowadays you’ll find me doing the Birmingham Velo whilst my wife goes shopping in Selfridges.

In parts the city still has problems and the issues that can be seen in many large cities across the world, but it’s now markedly different compared to the first time I saw it. The Bull Ring was a hideous old building with an escalator to no-where and the whole place was constructed for cars rather than people.

So when I saw that the Huffington Post was running a piece on their favourite Birmingham photographs, I took a look. There’s a few professional photos in there, but the one that impressed me the most was from Damien Walmsley, who submitted a photo he’d taken with his iPhone whilst it sat in a puddle..

Damien took the picture of Selfridges on June 1st after an overnight storm. He told the publication that..

It is one of the most photographed buildings in the UK. I was so pleased with the result especially as it was from putting my iPhone in a puddle.

Luckily for Damien, the iPhone still worked after he retrieved it from the puddle.

It just goes to show, with all the professional cameras out there, if you’re pretty clever and think outside of the box a bit, you can capture some excellent shots.