The iPhone X – In bits!

Who fancies buying a brand new (and very expensive) iPhone X, then taking it to bits? Anyone? No?

Wait! The free repair guide website, iFixit have put their hand up, and they’ve detailed the process here. They tell me that…

The iPhone X opens from the side just like the 7 and 8—but inside, it’s a whole new ball game. When it comes to hardware, this is the most densely-packed gadget we’ve ever taken apart.

A serious amount of delicate work and precise tooling is used here, so we’d advise against trying a similar thing at home using the contents of your cutlery drawer.

In the teardown they’ve found that the display is so large that they’ve had to shrink the main board. As the board is already as small as Apple could make it, they’ve effectively folded it in half to free up space. This has also enabled them to put an additional battery in.

The OLED display and the cost of the parts generally mean that this is going to be quite a pricey device to repair.

Get the full story and all the images throughout their dismantling process on the iFixit website.