The next iPhone will have a USB-C port, but not where you think

I have really enjoyed using the new MacBook Pro. In fact that’s an understatement, after all of my buyers remorse once I clicked the buy button – I have loved every minute. It is more than capable of doing everything I need, the screen is the best on any laptop I have tried and for all its ‘clickyness’ the keyboard is actually quite brilliant.

There is one sticking point though, and that’s the full on adoption of USB-C. It is clearly the future, but the world is still full of USB-A connections for the future to be quite yet. An issue that was quickly address by almost every tech website on the internet. Paying particular attention to the fact you cant plug an iPhone into the new laptop without and adaptor – but thankfully it seems that’s about to change.

The next iPhone will have a USB C port, but not where you think

When speaking to two sources inside Apple it would appear that Apple will make connection possible again in September but not in the way we are hoping. Apple will change the power cable to the lightening to USB-C that they currently sell as an accessory, and include a connecting wall adapter.

Several people have speculated that the new iPhone may ditch Lightening and be USB-C equipped. Unfortunately sources confirm that Apple see Lightening as their mobile device connector for the moment, but may eventually move to USB-C “in a few years”.

The next iPhone will have a USB C port, but not where you think

USB-C all the things

One source familiar with the matter indicated that the equipment simply came in the wrong order for the adoption to start with the iPhone 7. In fact internal testing of the now released MacBook Pro featured one USB-A port. However Apple upped their #courage and ditched it in favour of their future vision.

Perhaps switching the new iPhones port only a year after ditching the headphone jack is too much for users (or bloggers) to bear? Who knows, but until then you will have to stick to buying some dongles if you want to use; well almost anything.

Eventually the world will catch up to the revolutionary new ports!