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NENX Review

Roulette and card games haven’t really ever been my forte if I’m honest. However, I do like the challenge of making an educated guess, so when the guys at NENX gave me some free cash and told me to simply guess which way the financial markets were

Stay charged at Glastonbury with the EE Festival Power Bar

Are you one of the lucky few (thousand) people off to the Glastonbury Festival this year? How are you planning on keeping your phone charged in the muddy campsite after filming 64 of your favorite bands and uploading them to YouTube? A backup battery is a good

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime caught on video, or is it an Active?

There’s been more than a few rumours splashing around about an Active version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, as there have been about a ‘Prime’ version. An anonymous, and very kind person has sent a pre-production Samsung handset to video blogger TK Tech News that seems to

BUKcase Originals iPad Mini with Retina Display case – Review

Have you ever felt that iPad cases just aren’t bookish enough? Not in a geeky student wearing glasses and beige slacks way, I mean that they tend not to look like books. Well, you’re in luck if you have, because BUKcase have it covered… so to speak.

Is the Vodafone Smart 4 Mini a bargain for £50? – Opinion

Yesterday we brought you the news that Vodafone have announced the release of their own branded Smart 4 Mini Android smartphone. It’ll set you back less than a tank of petrol at £50 on pay as you go. Wow! Before you rush out to the nearest Vodafone

HTC M8 Ace leaks from the usual souce

No sooner have the latest two HTC phones been released amongst a flood of leaks than a fresh fissure has revealed the existence of another new handset, dubbed the HTC M8 Ace. There isn’t much to go on here, apart from a photo/render that’s had the screen announces plans for a smartwatch

Stand aside Pebble, Toq, Samsung and all you other smartphone wannabes, a true technological genius is about to rip up your business plans and take the market by storm! That’s right,, a musician who previously failed to revolutionise the iPhone camera with the megapixel enhancer,

Archos 50 Oxygen Android Phone – Review

Archos may not be the first name you think of when it comes to buying a mobile phone, but maybe it should be on your list. I spent a fortnight in the company of the Archos 50 Oxygen to see what the French company had to offer.

Oppo Find 7 is coming to Europe – it’s official

OppoStyle, the only European distributor of Oppo phones and accessories, has announced today that the Oppo Find 7a will be coming to Europe “soon”. In a press release today it revealed that there will be a limited quantity of pre-orders of the Find 7a (the lower spec

Oppo N1 Mini to bring swivelling to a smaller package

You would have thought that Oppo had done enough for the time being, what with announcing the two Find 7 variants, but the engineers have been hard at work shrinking the elephantine N1 into a smaller package. This time it will have the same swivelling camera arrangement

The Huawei is for turning

Huawei recently revealed plans to release a dual operating system handset running Android and Windows Phone, but in our article about it we suggested that it may be unpopular with the two tech behemoths, and this could cause trouble. Now we don’t like to say that we

Archos 50 Oxygen Android phone – Initial impressions review

Archos? I know what you’re thinking: the ones who make the weird Gamepads, right? No thanks… But wait, what if I told you Archos make a quad core Android phone with a 5″ Full HD display, a 13MP camera, and costs less than £300? Still dubious? Me

HTC Planning something for 1st April?

Whenever anything is rumoured to be happening on April fool’s day it has to be viewed with suspicion, but when a senior manager at HTC Global Communities tweets that he’s excited about the announcement on 4.1.14, it’s worth taking note. I’m almost as excited for our 4.1.14

Ravpower Lister Series Power Bank RP-PB08 – Review

The Ravpower RP-PB08 is a small portable battery backup pack for charging phones when away from mains sockets. I carried one with me for a week to see how it performed with a variety of phones, and these are my findings. Good Points Size Charge level indicator

Vodafone cry foul play over Rootmetrics results

Rootmetrics, a company that gives supposedly unbiased data reports about the mobile industry, recently voted EE the best mobile provider in the UK. Vodafone, unsurprisingly, disagrees. However, rather than just grumbling into their morning coffee, management have released a statement on the company forum lambasting Rootmetrics, saying

Huawei to launch dual boot Android and Windows Phone in Q2

“I like the Windows Phone platform, but I couldn’t have it as my only phone”, is something I hear all the time. Unfortunately there’s a lot of merit to that statement and, even now, I agree. Huawei has heard our gripes and is doing something about them.

Oppo Find 7 event invite unboxing – You have to see this

You may not be fussed about the launch of the Oppo Find 7 (or you may be squirming with excitement like me), but I defy anyone to be unimpressed by the invites for the announcement event that have gone out to the Chinese press. They are so