Vodafone cry foul play over Rootmetrics results

Vodafone cry foul play over Rootmetrics results

Rootmetrics, a company that gives supposedly unbiased data reports about the mobile industry, recently voted EE the best mobile provider in the UK. Vodafone, unsurprisingly, disagrees. However, rather than just grumbling into their morning coffee, management have released a statement on the company forum lambasting Rootmetrics, saying that its data is inaccurate and the results should not be trusted.

Here’s the forum post in full.

We’d love to give a fully detailed response, but believe the way Root Metrics carried out its testing does not appear to follow standard industry practices or is fully impartial, while it also incorporates data some of which may well be over six months old.

The evidence we have seen of how Root Metrics conducted some of its tests leads us to believe that they were carried out in an inconsistent manner. Those looking for more robust research should be approaching more established researchers, such as Ookla, who are completely independent and use hundreds of thousands of real, unbiased customers across the country for their results.

We cannot take the results of this report seriously and neither should our customers.

Rootmetrics homepage shows the quote, “We’re here to help. We’re an independent mobile measurement company offering clear, unbiased information that can help you make informed mobile decisions. Learn more about how we’re setting the standard for transparent, consumer-focused definitions of mobile performance.”

Who should we believe then? It’s a good question. As with any analysis, results can be interpreted in many ways, so maybe both companies can stand their respective grounds. The real test is if court action is taken, although it hardly seems worth it.

What would be interesting is if other networks side with Vodafone, then we’ll have a bunfight on our hands.