Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime caught on video, or is it an Active?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime caught on video, or is it an Active?

There’s been more than a few rumours splashing around about an Active version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, as there have been about a ‘Prime’ version. An anonymous, and very kind person has sent a pre-production Samsung handset to video blogger TK Tech News that seems to be one (or both) of the aforementioned models.

Take a look at the video below, and you’ll see a device that looks very similar to the bog standard S5, except it’s a little thicker, with a sturdy rubber seal around the edge of the back panel. A back panel which is made of metal (without dimples)!

It isn’t clear whether this is the Active or the Prime model. The rubber seal certainly makes it look like the waterproofing level has been uprated, pointing towards an Active version, but the metal back and supposed 2K screen seem more premium.

When one looks at a Galaxy S4 Active, it’s obvious that it’s a toughened phone for toughened people. The leak of an S5 Active from GSM Arena makes out that there’s different buttons, pointing us more and more towards a Prime device here.

All of this is postulation based on leaks, so take everything here with a pinch of salt, but one thing’s for sure, a high quality video of a working handset is hard to dismiss as a fake.