NENX Review

Roulette and card games haven’t really ever been my forte if I’m honest. However, I do like the challenge of making an educated guess, so when the guys at NENX gave me some free cash and told me to simply guess which way the financial markets were going to go, I had to give it a try.

The app is free for both iPhone and Android. You start by simply opening an account and depositing some cash. They’re based in the UK and are regulated by the UK Gambling Commision, so you know it’s not some dodgy operation straight from the word go.

My first impressions were very positive purely due to the way the app looked. The font (I know this is a small thing) was nice and the whole interface was uncluttered, easy to understand and bold. However, my knowledge of all this currency, commodities and indices betting isn’t exactly terrific. What I do know if that, if I clicked on something like the GBP / USD button, I was going to be better on whether the pound was going to go up against the dollar or the other way.

Things started well, and as I saw the chart drifting generally upwards I made a bet that it would continue going that way. Within seconds I was up on the deal, and it’s easy to see why betting is so popular when you feel the rush of adrenalin.

These views can be adjusted from the main screen, with compact, information and a “live graph” view making the main home panel look exactly as you want it too. During the day, when the markets are open, it looks and feels just like those screens you see behind news reporters in the centre of a London trading floor. Red symbols flash alongside green, and you can hop between NYC (Wall Street), Japan, London and even some virtual markets if there’s nothing occurring in your local market.

You can bet on gold or silver prices, bitcoin, crude oil prices and more. The main screen will show your balance (mine sadly went from £160 to 40p rather quickly) and, when you enter a market, you can place a bet one whether things are going to go up or down in the next 30 seconds, 5 minutes and so on. Odds will vary depending on how much time you place between the bets and things actually happening.

The menu which slides in from the left will quickly get you into your account, where you can cash out and view transactions, bet history, see open bets, set bet limits and setup a pin so that no-one else accidentally uses your account. You can also get help here and call customer services if you need anything.

If that’s not enough and the markets are all closed, you can play over 220 NetEnt casino games at this website, but the app is well set out and easy to understand provided that you bet within your limits.