HTC KitKat Update Roadmap Leaked

HTC KitKat Update Roadmap Leaked

HTC have been much maligned over the past few years for dropping update support for their handsets almost as soon as they’re released. They have been getting better recently though, and a leaked update schedule shows some good news.

As a general rule of thumb, if you own anything before the HTC One era then you’re staying where you are. However, if you’re a One, One Max or One mini owner, then you’re in for a KitKat update with Sense 5.5 any time between now and mid-February.

Even better news is that if you hang on to the HTC One until late summer/early autumn then you’ll also be seeing an update to Sense 6.0.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to One X and One X+ owners who are still in contract, because you’re one-time flagships are unlikely to see another update now.

The roadmap also shows the fate of several other devices; aside from the Butterfly and its variant, none of the owners of these phones will be happy either. Click the image at the top of the article for a larger, more legible version.

Mixed news then, but here’s hoping HTC are going to keep the updates coming for the One and its brethren for many moons yet.

Please note that this is a leak from a very reliable source, but dates are always subject to change in these roadmaps.

Source: llabtoofer