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LG G3 Stylus: kinda nice but not as sweet

When we heard about the forthcoming LG G3 Stylus, we were expecting hoping for the phone to be a bigger, badder, better version of the G3. We wanted something could take on the might of Z Ultra or the Note 3, and really show us why bigger

Shamu – maybe the next Nexus to make a splash

Its that crazy time of the month – no, not that one, the other time. That time when Apple rumours start to go into overdrive and both Nexus and Galaxy Note stories spring up from almost nowhere… Almost nowhere. The Information ran a report stating that the

EU delivers pre-emptive slap for purchasing in free Apps

When is free, not free? Or free, kinda, but not quite all the time. Except… mostly. Yep, we’re talking about those apps and games which are built around the freemium model. There’s more than one way to build a freemium app. The first way is to build

Free Windows Phone satnav to get you home

We all know about the ongoing issues with getting Google services on your Windows mobile, and that includes Google Maps for your satnav needs. Luckily Nokia Drive/Here Maps is available now, but there’s another entrant in the ring. Copilot was one of the original people who developed

Take vocal control of your phone with Commandr

There’s just something about the idea of being able to talk to your phone to make it do stuff which captures the imagination. It’s the sort of thing that makes you want to test all the things which are to do with voice commands… if only it

Google I/O: Android L released

In the opening keynote speech of Google I/O, Sundar Pichai was gracious enough to drop a few breadcrumbs about the next release of Android (Lemon Meringue? Liquorice?) before it has actually been launched. Apparently this hasn’t been done since the first time they launched an open version

Google I/O: Security and wearables, Sir?

We know that “Bouncer” has long been a go-to tool for Google to scan apps coming into and already on the Play Store and your phone. Sundar Pichai came to bring the noise at the I/O keynote. First and definitely not least, security patches are going to

oneplus one delayed again over fiddling with OpenSSL fix

There are some hotly anticipated phones that just don’t ever seem to come out on time when they really really needed to. I’m thinking of the Palm Pre 3 as one of those cases and the original HTC One as another. Now the OnePlus One seems destined

New iPhone 6 fodder for the rumourmill

It’s nicer when we can talk about things other than dodgy power buttons…  April may be a little early for the annual frenzy of speculation surrounding a new iPhone release to kick off, but there’s been a lot of speculation over the last few months over what

ARQ – the kickstarter with curves

Kickstarter has always seemed to be the sort of place where venture capitalists hang out online when they’re slumming it. The idea of it is great, but what would make one want to shell out cash in the hope that a project makes it? Because of the

WhatsApp – Highs and lows in one month

Not that we wouldn’t pay attention to one of the most popular messaging mobile applications in the world today, but there’s been a lot more attention placed upon it recently since Facebook snapped it up. Those who were concerned about privacy have been trying out a number

Rumours may be true: Performance Boosting Thing in Android 4.4.3

When we first heard it, we were blown away by the audaciousness of those GooglePlex dwellers. Its long been a bone of contention between the Android faithful and those who prefer Apple’s way of doing things, but when the rumours of PBT were posted up on the

New HTC One/M8: Yes, more leaks

If there’s one thing that’s clear, its that HTC would never be able to run a submarine. All those leaks would have killed them a long time ago. On the other hand, its nice to be able to see the successor to the HTC One just one

Z1 Compact coming to Big Red

One of our eagle eyed staff noticed that the Z1 Compact has now been added to the Coming Soon section of the Vodafone blog. Although they don’t have pricing up yet, it will probably be just a matter of time. Personally, it’s one of the ‘mini’ handsets

£1 for £10 credit on Delightmobile

Sometimes it may be best not to ask how. When Derren Brown performs those crazy tricks and you can’t work how, you end up sitting back and just enjoying. Just like this PAYG sim card from Delightmobile with £10 credit preloaded. What you spend your credit on

Android App Review – Neon Alarm

Good alarms are hard to find… If it doesn’t work properly, or have the necessary functionality then no matter how pretty the app is, or whether the app conforms to the Holo style guide, its dead to me. Enter Neon Alarm. Good Points It is pretty intuitive.

Yep, yuilop: messaging for free

Forget WhatsApp, leave Viber alone, and move along Google Hangouts. Yep, yuilop is here to let you talk, text, message and group chat as much as you want. For FREE! Wellll, almost. When you hear something that’s surely too good to be true, you have to wonder,

iPhone 5S/6 & 5C – what we’ve heard so far – rumour

It’s always about the next one: the desire for more information about the next iPhone is always going to be there. We’d be remiss if we didn’t fill you in on what’s been popping up around the intertubes recently. First up – Announcement date: AllThingsD has its

Moto X version to hit the UK?

  We aren’t saying X will soon mark this particular spot, but then again, we ain’t sayin’ it ain’t neither. If this source is to be believed, the Moto-X  is soon going to be making its way over to the UK. If that’s true, then we’ll soon

Spigen Ultra Thin Air Case for LG Nexus 4 – Review

Intro I’m a dropper, a slipper, a butterfingers, the type of person who knows if the phone can drop at the worst time, it will. So testing the snappily named Spigen SGP Google Nexus 4 Ultra Thin Air Case for my Nexus 4 was something I  took

HTC One vs One mini – tech specs comparison

There are some of us who think that bigger is not always better. There are some of us who can remember back when the Ericsson T28 and T29, The motorola V70 and V90, even the Nokia 8800 family were some of the most luxurious and desirable phones

Leaked WP8 build shows notifications centre

It could have been a contender, had it made it in time. The notifications centre in Windows Phone 8, that is. This is normal in software development – tight shipping dates means that features have to slip from a release and may or may not make their

My choice of apps – Android Edition #4

Although I technically use three different operating systems, long before Android was a powerhouse, I ended up going all in with Google. This means it both helps and hinders when it comes to picking my five favourite apps that I always install. 1. SwiftKey As it’s so

The OS that would never die: Sailfish floats keynote on 20th

Before Nokia went all in on Windows Phone to save itself from the burning platform it found itself on, it had pinned itself on another platform that was far too many years in the making: Maemo, which turned into MeeGo and after a long and winding road

All in the numbers: 4.2.2 coming to HTC One

Yes, The One is a contender for this years best Android smartphone, and yes, its been stuck on 4.2 since it came out, but there have been rumblings on the interwebs that all that is about to change. @LlabTooFeR, who is an HTC ROM developer happened to