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NatWest gets abreast of Android Pay

Well, they took their time, but it’s happened – Android Pay now works for NatWest customers. We heard reports from a couple of our readers that they received an email from NatWest to announce that Android users can finally use Google Pay at tills and checkouts across

Moto phones get their own Motorola Camera app in the Play Store

Why is this a thing worth mentioning? There’s a camera app specifically for Motorola phones (called surprisingly enough, Motorola Camera). It largely depends on whether you have a Motorola phone or not. More precisely, whether you have, or intend to get, one of the 2016 crop of

Choetech 3 port charger with Type C – Review

  The thing with new types of power standards and connectors is that you soon realise you need more than one charger, because all your old ones don’t fit your new phone or tablet. This is exactly the case with the switchover to USB type C socket for

CHOETECH USB Type C Charger – Review

Two weeks, I finally caved in and accepted that my Nexus 4 wasn’t just a little old and creaky; it was beginning to malfunction. I replaced it with another Nexus because there are few models I could point to and be impressed by their reliability… and naturally that

Cyanogen’s Steve Kondic at MotD

No, it isn’t Match of the Day for all you comedians out there. We’re talking March of the Droids, the annual event held for and by mobile technology aficionados. Things kick off in Edinburgh this Friday and the cool news is that somehow these wily chaps managed

MWC – HP Elite X3 brings Windows 10 Mobile back in the game

Long when we thought Windows 10 Mobile wasn’t going to see any support further than the Lumias and the Acer Jade Primo, HP has surprised quite a few people with the announcement of the Elite X3. Yes, that’s right – not only are HP going in on

Google Play Music half price, get it for 4.99

Some of us haven’t bought into this whole paid streaming music malarky for reasons. It may be that you already have a big enough music selection that you don’t get time to listen to the artists you already have, it could be that when people talk about

LG G5 rumour roundup

It’s been apparent for a while that you don’t really have a product to release if there aren’t leaks of it before you’re ready to announce. This time it was LG’s turn with the up and coming LG G5, due to be announced on Feb 21 (the

Android Turing Phone now with less Android

I have a thing for the weird and occasionally wonderful. The Turing Phone sits in the first category, and I am sincerely hoping that it will fall into the second category. Google, and by extension, its Android partner ecosystem weren’t afraid to try new things in the

RHA S500i earbuds – review

These are the S500i earbuds. They’re quite nice actually. Surprisingly nice. My very first foray into using RHA was from the very base version of their earbuds, say about 4 or 5 years back (FYI, they were called MA150’s. To put it in context, they’re no longer

Pebble Health a stone’s throw away from fitter smartwear

Fitbit must be rolling over in some type of fitful unrest. The cross-platform smartwear manufacturer Pebble has just rolled out a new application to bring itself in line with a lot of dual purpose wearables with the new Pebble Health app. The Pebble Health app focuses on

Case of the missing Microsoft OneDrive storage

Remember recently when Microsoft announced that it was going to reduce the storage it offered on OneDrive, and that the unlimited tier was going away because some people were treating it as – well, unlimited? I know that some people were using up to 75 TB of

Updated Google Hangouts randomly ‘betaing’

Now, I’m a bit of a sucker for beta software. I like it when I find an issue, or see a new feature. It makes the new shiny feel that bit newer, so Google betaing (yes, it’s not a word, but you get the idea) a new

ZTE Axon Elite – Review

This is the ZTE Axon Elite. It’s a big phone, with a 5.5” inch screen, and it doesn’t feel small in the hand. It shouldn’t either – there’s a lot packed under the hood of this ‘Ion Gold’ coloured beast. I’ve never had serious hands-on time with

Black Friday – Mobile Fun piles up the offers

Wow – where do we start? It feels like there’s at least one of everything on offer over at Mobile Fun for Black Friday… which isn’t surprising, seeing as they cover the whole gamut for your mobile needs. Lessee, we’ve got Names, like Ted Baker, Samsung, Tylt,

Forget Black Friday, meet Vodafone Red Thursday

Those canny folk over at Big Red have stolen a march on Black Friday by coming up with Vodafone Red Thursday… to cut a longish story short, Vodafone Red Thursday – today – is offering some pretty neat deals. They’re starting today, but there are more to

Get your HUKD on for Black Friday

While I’m not a firm favourite of the idea of yet another day dedicated to spending money, we’ve got to admit that HotUKDeals (HUKD) has continually saved us some dosh on the things we were already going to have to splash out cash on more than one

Google slips YouTube Music app into stores

Remember Google Play All Access, Mountain Views Competitor to Spotify and Apple Music? Remember that since Google never ever releases just one version of a product, as it always seems to want to compete against itself, that it brought out YouTube Music key? It went one step