Google Play Music half price, get it for 4.99

Google Play Music half price, get it for 4.99

Some of us haven’t bought into this whole paid streaming music malarky for reasons. It may be that you already have a big enough music selection that you don’t get time to listen to the artists you already have, it could be that when people talk about discoverability or curation, you wonder whether whether you’re talking to some type of social media consultant, or it could be that the concept of not ever owning the music you listen to makes you a little uncomfortable. Heck, maybe it’s just too expensive for you at the moment. But what if you could get into the streaming gig and it only cost you half price? That’s got to make you pause a little, right? Enter the new offer from Google Play Music. At half price.

Normally Google Play Music (specifically the All Access version, not the free version which allows you to upload up to 50 000 tracks of your own choons) is £10, or $10 if you’re in the U.S. Since this is actually supposed to be a gift, you can give the offer of cheap music to a loved one (if someone’s been hinting, then it’s an ideal offer for their Valentine’s Day pressie). You get to choose 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months worth of the half-price offer, which works out great if the other person is possibly switching from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora or Tidal.

The good news gets even better. Apparently you can stack the offers, so instead of wimping out for say, paying for three months for your loved one, only for it to sting him or her come May, you can lay down two of the 6 months options, and Shazam! You’re good for the year.

Think about it – the gift that they’ll be able to appreciate any time they’re at home or out and about, and 50% off. That will help pay for the bill for dinner or flowers if that’s necessary too. Alternatively, treat yourself. You’re worth it as well.


source:  Google Play Music from hukd