LG G5 rumour roundup

LG G5 rumour roundup

It’s been apparent for a while that you don’t really have a product to release if there aren’t leaks of it before you’re ready to announce. This time it was LG’s turn with the up and coming LG G5, due to be announced on Feb 21 (the same day as another pretty big handset is due. No prizes for guessing which one). Now the screen is alleged to be 5.6”, with the handset itself supposed to be thinner, wider and taller to boot. One of the reasons for the bigger screen real estate is that it’s likely to have a ticker at screen at the top, similar to their other semi-flagship, the LG V10.

Part of the previously reported specs stay the same: It will still be a QHD screen, 3GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. LG haven’t been afraid to make changes. As well as the ticker screen, they’ve moved the volume buttons to the side to make space for a fingerprint sensor at the back. It will be interesting to see if they brand it an Imprint sensor, or if that moniker will stay solely with the Nexus brand. My money’s on the latter. Also, there will be a dual camera, but there’s been talk of a 16MP resolution. Whether that will be for both cameras or not is anyone’s guess at the moment.

So there you have it. The LG G5 will have a similar design language to fans of the previous G series. Except it will be taller. And thinner and wider. And it will have two cameras. And the distinctive volume buttons will have moved to the side. And it will pack in a fingerprint sensor. Add to that the previous suggestion that there’ll be a ‘magic’ slot, and we’re not really looking at the same industrial device at all.

And have we mentioned that there’s every chance it will have an edge-to-edge screen? Roll on MWC and 21st Feb.


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