Video mix give the Nexus 6 Pixel Tricks

Video mix give the Nexus 6 Pixel Tricks

Old is good too

This is a bit of weird and wonderful I think, involving the Nexus 6. Someone remixed the recent Nexus Pixel ad to show off their love for Google’s now-defunct Nexus line. Someone called Superior Sandbox created a wonderful combination of the last time Google released a single phone, the Nexus 6, and truly managed to show the love they obviously still have for it.

The funniest thing of all was that you get to sit back and realise that the Nexus 6 was a truly fantastic phone. Yes, it was a little big for a number of people. Yes, it could partially feel like the Nexus 6 wasn’t more than Motorola repurposing most of their existing phone lineup at the time. But the big phone was truly more than the some of its parts when it came to day-to-day usage. I’d probably pick up the Nexus 6 over the 5x as a backup phone, and they can still be had surprisingly cheap on eBay.

As Superior Sandbox states:


This video is a parody of one that Google has made about their new phone, Pixel.

Original Google video –…

The material design animation video is from Galih Wardani’s channel. All credit to him:…

This video uses footage from Google videos as well as footage created by myself.

This is by far the most edited video I have ever made and I hope you enjoy!

What’s amusing is the way that it highlights some elements left out of the new Pixel phones, like the front facing speakers, waterproofness and the Qi wireless charging. Not so amusing? The Nexus 6 is technically unsupported, although you should have Android 7.0 Nougat already pushed to your Nexus 6. The OTA’s are up if you’re of that persuation and are having trouble.

Source: android police