Get 45GB of data for a decent price. Seriously. Or…

No, really. This deal comes up every now and again, and for data devourers it’s a little like mana from heaven. Lemme cut to the chase here – we’re talking about a SIM-only deal that gives you 45GB a month for 12 months on a SIM Only deal for £18.

That is just ridonculous.

If you’re a data hog, then hopping over to the Virgin website to bag yourself a nice data splurging SIM might be just the trick. It also gives you unlimited texts (who doesn’t these days, but still).

However, you may be the sort of person who looks at a 45GB month tariff and sneers at the paltry amount on offer – I dunno, maybe you stream everything everywhere, all the time for 18 hours a day. We don’t judge. We kind of like extreme mobile lovers.

In that case, Virgin has a 12 month, SIMO 100GB plan, again with unlimited texts and 5000 minutes a month of talk time. And it will only set you back a measly £20 in the flash sale Virgin is having. If that floats your boat, then I wouldn’t hang around. I have no idea how long these flash sales last with Virgin, and for around the same price as a week’s worth of Starbuck’s coffee, it’s worth snapping up right now. If you think you may have seen this before, its because Leigh mentioned it a couple of days ago, so you aren’t crazy.

Amazingly, a quick look around led me to the Three site, where they’re offering much the same thing – you get that 100GB of data excess, plus unlimited minutes and texts. This offer also gives you 30GB of data for tethering too, if you need to tie your tablet or laptop to your phone for those non-wifi moments. You can pick that offer up here.

Now you have some choice. Get it while it’s good.