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Nokia Lumia 1520 unboxing

The day has come when Nokia will stand up and be recognised as a force to be reckoned with. This stance comes in the form of the stunning Lumia 1520. This large (there is no hiding it really) phone is the one that has been designed to

Windows Phone goes big – Vodafone launch Nokia Lumia 1520 in Black

Vodafone have launched the Nokia 1520 in black today, a full 3 days before Nokia’s initial statement suggested. This monstrous beast is the biggest Windows Phone ever, sporting a massive 6″ full HD display. You think the handset’s too big? You should see the price! If you

Images of the Nokia 1320 Batman phablet appear online

All the surprises are being taken away from Nokia fans ahead of tomorrows big device announcement event, it seems, because leaky old Twitterer @evleaks has gone and dropped a couple of images of the new 1320 phablet (previously known as ‘Batman’). Whilst we really don’t know exactly

6tag – Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 now available

6tag, the new Instagram client for Windows Phone by renowned developer Rudy Huyn is now available from the Marketplace. Any Windows Phone user knows the ongoing saga of no official Instagram app on the platform, so 3rd party apps have to fill the gap for now. 6tag

Facebook Beta for WP8 update with key new features

If you have come across it, you will know that Microsoft run an open beta program for their Facebook app for Windows Phone 8, which is always a few steps ahead of their official release. Beta is doing it a bit of a disservice, as its normally

Nokia Lumia Amber update rolling out worldwide

The Amber update is a Nokia exclusive update on top of the GDR2 software release from Microsoft for the Lumia range of Nokia phones. The update has the following extra features: Glance screen to check notifications, time and battery (not on 520 or 625) Flip to silence

Samsung publish two more Windows Phone apps

I’m not sure what is happening over in the Samsung Windows Phone development team, but I’m liking it. Today they have published two new Samsung Ativ exclusive apps. App Folder and Video Trimmer. App Folder offers a new way for users to group their apps and settings

Microsoft release Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

Fresh Paint is an app that you’ve probably seen before, you know on the TV, Microsoft used the Windows 8 version of fresh paint in their recent TV ad campaign for Windows 8. Now it’s available for Windows Phone 8. Unleash your inner creative with Fresh Paint

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 updated at last

WhatsApp is one of the worlds most popular apps for messaging over data networks, yet the Windows Phone 8 version has been lacking, and a little flaky recently. Luckily it’s now had an update to address all of that. I message via WhatsApp on a daily basis,

Huawei Ascend W2 Windows Phone 8 press image leaks

The Huawei Ascend W2 has been a long time coming, but there’s now pictorial evidence to say that it’s imminent. Serial leaker @evleaks has posted a press render of the phone, which looks rather funky. It’s got the obligatory brightly coloured back, and standard Windows Phone layout,

Windows Phone Update on its way…..

Microsoft have begun to reveal details regarding an upcoming update to Windows Phone 8. The launch of the Nokia 925 bought with it an announcement that the new device would be running Windows Phone 8.1 In a blogpost about the new Nokia, Microsoft have detailed some of

Nokia Lumia 520 – Review

The Nokia Lumia 520 was released a couple of weeks ago, so I rushed out and bought one so that I could review it for you lovely people (how selfless, right?). I set it up, gave it a first impressions review, then turned my Nexus 4 off.

Nokia Lumia 920, 820, and 620 updates rolling out

Nokia have announced that the Lumia 920, 820 and 620 will all be receiving updates in the near future. There has been no word on updates to the Lumia 520 or 720, but considering they were only recently released you’d hope they wouldn’t need updating yet! The

White Nokia Lumia 928 Gets A Sneak Peek

Last week the guys at Evleaks showed us a sneak peek of the Black Nokia Lumia 928 – Verizon’s version of the Nokia Lumia 920, but with an updated Xenon flash. Today we’ve seen another leak from the source, this time the Nokia Lumia 928 in white which

Nokia Lumia 520 initial impressions – Review

The Nokia Lumia 520 is the latest in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range. It’s the budget baby of the range with most UK retailers knocking it out at around £150 on pay as you go. However, at the time of writing the Carphone Warehouse has it for

Nokia Lumia 520 reduced to £99.95 at CPW

The Nokia Lumia 520 was only announced at MWC last month, and yet it’s already on sale at Carphone Warehouse – they’ve knocked the price of the bargain Windows Phone 8 handset down to £99.95 plus £10 top-up on O2. Phones purchased from Carphone Warehouse normally come

Zinio heading to Windows phone

Digital newstand service Zinio has announced that it’ll be launching a Windows Phone 8 app that’ll be exclusive for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone owners. This adds to the current Android and iOS apps in the Zinio line up; however the Windows version will be optimised for the