Facebook Beta for WP8 update with key new features

Facebook Beta for WP8 update with key new features

If you have come across it, you will know that Microsoft run an open beta program for their Facebook app for Windows Phone 8, which is always a few steps ahead of their official release. Beta is doing it a bit of a disservice, as its normally perfectly stable – I run it as my only Facebook app on my HTC 8X with no problems.

Anyway, Microsoft have released a rather tasty update with some new features that were big omissions previously:

  • inline tagging 
  • Photos in Messaging (can’t believe how that hasn’t been included before!)
  • Multiple photo upload
  • Navigation improvements

It’s still a bit of a way of the iOS app (which always seems to get the newest features first), but it’s a great step up for Windows Phone users.


LinkFacebook Beta in Marketplace

CreditJoe Belfiore on Twitter 

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