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HTC One M9 – EE go live with pre-orders. Gold exclusive.

If you’ve watched our full hands-on with the HTC One M9 then you’ll probably also be aware that it’s going to arrive here in the UK on pretty much every network. Already we’ve seen Vodafone, giffgaff and Three and O2 put their hands up. Today you can

EE releases new version of their in-car WiFi solution

In May EE announced a new in-car WiFi solution called Buzzard. Plop it into your cigarette lighter and it’ll beam out a WiFi hotspot for the kids to connect their tablets / phones / iPods to in the back of the car on a long journey. Now

Need more data on EE SIM only? Good luck!

EE recently updated their SIM only contracts giving more data for a limited time, the highest being 10GB a month which is still way short of the 20GB and 50GB options with a 2 year contract. Whilst adding more data is good for everyone, we have just

EE switch on 300Mbps LTE-A Network

Back at a recent brief for EE the company said they will be trialling the worlds fastest LTE service offering speeds of 300Mbps using LTE-A (LTE Advanced). According to The Telegraph it looks like today is that day with the combination of the Double Speed 20Mhz at

Lumia 625 4 EE 4G UK. OK?

I’ve had 8 press releases this morning which play on the word “Prince”. The “Prince of sales” or paying the “Princely sum”. Yes, it’s a sure sign that my ex-girlfriend Kate Middleton has had a baby. Luckily she’s not asking for any maintenance as she’s decided to

EE 4G 4D in Battersea

Listen, I’ll fess up. We were offered a sponsored post. You’ve seen the adverts already and heck, we would’ve got 10p for every view of the video below. HA! Christmas in the Caribbean baby. But no, we’ve got our standards. I mean sure, I once posted about

EE 4G – My review

My thoughts on the 4G LTE technology? Well, to be honest it’s taken be back in time. This is both a good and bad thing, and I’ll explain why. I’m old enough to remember a time when mobile phones weren’t in everyone’s pocket. My first phone was

On test – How does EE 4G perform in the real world?

You’ve seen the news and the TV reports. A reporter, stood inside or next to an EE store slap-bang in the centre of London or Manchester. He lifts the handset, does a speed test and tells us how great 4G is. I could have done the same,

4G in the UK goes live. EE is go.

Today marks the launch of 4G here in the UK. Beginning with 11 cities, EE will also offer a fibre broadband service to some 11 million premises too. The company is throwing in £1.5 billion into this roll-out and their 4G network will expand by 2,000 square

Samsung Galaxy Note II available on T-Mobile

It’s 4G “ready” and available in white or titanium. For £79 up-front you can grab the Samsung Galaxy Note II in all its LTE glory for 2 years, but you will be paying £41 per month. The “Full Monty” plan includes unlimited texts, internet and minutes although

Confirmed – iPhone 5 will run on 4G, coming to EE

The new iPhone, to be launched this evening will, as expected, run on EE’s new 4G network. It’s been rumoured for a while that the new iPhone will contain 4G technology, and while EE would only say “other devices will follow very soon” yesterday, a source has

4G – Backhaul is key

Many months ago we performed some slightly unscientific speed tests and came to the conclusion that “traffic management” was active on certain mobile networks. Our tests at the time showed that a 3G / HSPDA connection never seemed to deliver more than 2Mbps whilst other networks delivered