EE Launch 4GEE WiFi and 4GEE WiFi Mini

EE Launch 4GEE WiFi and 4GEE WiFi Mini

Some people call these things “MiFi” units. Basically they’re tiny gadgets that you can pop in your pocket which will fire out a WiFi hotspot for you to connect to. Share the hotspot or keep it secure, it’s up to you, but it can be a life saver for a family of iPad users or for those moments when you need to use a laptop and the hotel WiFi is just plain rubbish.

There’s two models. First, the 4GEE WiFi is available on a range of pay monthly price plans. Prices start from £11 per month, with a £49.99 one-off upfront cost. You can also get it on pay as you go for £79.99

The 4GEE WiFi Mini is starts at £11 per month, with a smaller £19.99 upfront cost. It is also available on pay as you go for £39.99.

You can buy them in your local EE store, over the phone or online at Here’s the main 4GEE WiFi page.

Although the CAT 6-enabled 4GEE WiFi is a tad larger than the WiFi Mini, it can also charge your phone on the move and supports Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0. The 5000mAh battery should keep your WiFi going for a full 24 hours. The WiFi Mini is 15% smaller and does 802.11b/g/n compared to the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac on the 4GEE WiFi.

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