133Mbps on 4G. Can you go faster?

Our man Dan has definitely got some “skills” when it comes to finding fast networks. Back in 2014 he managed to get 149.74Mbps from a Vodafone mast outside Victoria station in London on an early Sunday morning.

After visiting Wembley recently it’s clear that competitor EE are proud of their coverage – they combined three 1800MHz and two slices of 2.6GHz to get a 400Mbps speeds during a test, and we got around 100Mbps during a trip to London.

133Mbps on 4G. Can you go faster?

Now, even when you’re at a lovely marina, you’re able to get some properly quick speeds. Dan proved this yesterday whilst looking at some boats and generally chilling out. A quick speed test resulted in a 133Mbps speed being reported.

So, we need to ask. Have you done better? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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