EE SIM Only deal. Watch that price halve with the magic code!

You’ve got an iPad, perhaps you’ve got a MiFi or you just don’t like talking to people and you only want to use WhatsApp or something else to communicate. If text messages and old-school phone calls aren’t your thing, you can get a great deal on this EE SIM. It’s a rolling 30-day SIM card and it looks like you can also stick it in one of those mobile routers (like the 4GEE router or other 4GEE WiFi kit). It’s data only and normally costs £30 per month.

For those who don’t necessarily want a broadband line put into their house, or those that perhaps live in a caravan or get frankly rubbish ADSL speeds; grabbing a mobile WiFi router off eBay for £20-ish and then sticking this card in could be just the thing.

So, how’s 30GB a month sound? That’ll do nicely for most people, and don’t forget that some “fixed line” broadband providers have a limit of 20GB per month on ADSL connection (Sky offers 25GB on some packages).

Getting 30GB a month? That’ll do for a lot of people, and right now, if you put the code awdatasim2203 into the basket, you’ll get this for just £15 per month. Look!

Yep! £15 per month, and that’s for up to 60Mbps speeds. Way faster than the majority of your fixed-line options. Deal.

This is on until April 3rd. Don’t forget, there’s no minutes. No texts. It’s data only. 1 SIM per customer and it looks to be restricted to a certain amount per postcode too.