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Confirmed – The UK gets no NFC in the HTC Desire 10

I’ve started to develop a bit of a habit now – leaving the house without my wallet. At work the canteen and the vending machines all use contactless payments. When I get fuel – call it Apple Pay, call it Android Pay – the petrol station, the

HTC Desire 10 lined up for launch on Tuesday

What are you doing on Tuesday morning? Well, we’re going to be at a swanky launch party in the West End of London. We’ll be eating canapés, drinking free champagne, meeting the….. ..wait. Ah no. It’s another one of those “web” launches from HTC. Gah.. what happen

HTC to roll out Nougat in Q4

Got yourself a HTC phone? Want to get the very latest Android 7.0 OS, AKA Nougat, on there? Good news, friend. It’s coming later this year. HTC have given us a statement to share on this which reads as follows… We’re excited to receive final shipping Android

2016 Google Nexus Phone Rumours

It’s coming to that time of the year when the rumour mills start spinning for this year’s Nexus phone lineup. After having gone through the emotional roller-coaster for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and still going through it for the next iPhone, it’s the chance for the

Another day, Another Android Vulnerability

These types of news stories are starting to become a regular feature. In short, someone finds a vulnerability in the Android Operating System which happens to affect every single phone – IN THEORY! No different to all the vulnerabilities that could destroy Microsoft Windows OS! Anyhow, this

HTC Vive goes up in price following Brexit

Another bit of tech increasing in price due to the devalued UK currency is the HTC Vive. It follows news last month that OnePlus were to do the same thing and a post on the HTC website reads.. HTC continuously monitors and adjusts pricing to ensure we

Get £100 off the HTC 10

Is it time for a new smartphone? Is it time to treat yourself to the HTC 10 but you don’t like the sound of the £569.99 price-tag? Well, come closer to the screen dear friend, because – until August 18th – you can get a massive £100

HTC app update kills HTC One M8 and M9 camera

On June 27th HTC updated this app. It’s called the “HTC Service PNS”, and is basically their push client supporting HTC services and apps. Since this got updated HTC M8 and HTC M9 owners have started having problems with their camera app. HTC 10 owners seem unaffected

HTC post some rather disappointing revenue figures

Following the launch of the HTC 10, all eyes are on the HTC revenue figures. The company has just announced their unaudited revenue for May 2016 and, well, things don’t look too hot. The company have announced an NT$6.75 bn revenue for May 2016. For  January to

HTC 10 – Review

I write this shortly after reviewing the Huawei P9 and, I have to say, the first thing I noticed is how much heavier the HTC 10 is. The P9 is 144g and the HTC 10 is 161g. It might not sound much, but boy – I noticed

HTC announces first quarter loss

I’ve got a HTC 10 in my hands right now and, I must say, it’s a strong bit of kit. Whether this phone knows just how much is riding on it is another question though, as the HTC figures (released today) put a lot of emphasis on

Is HTC finally about to release a smartwatch?

This has got to be one of the longest-running rumours of the tech world. The first suggestions that HTC were working on some sort of smart wearable surfaced back in 2014, when a picture of this appeared online: Even by 2014 standards it wasn’t the most glamorous

It’s the random next Nexus maker guessing game

Wow. That’s a headline isn’t it. As I sit back and re-read it, it almost hurts my head. Anyhow, rumour has it (#Adele) that HTC will be making a couple of Nexus handsets which are currently known as the M1 and S1. They’ll run Google N. The

HTC 10 coming to Tesco Mobile

As you’ll have probably already heard today, Tesco Mobile have received some pretty high customer satisfaction figures. Not only that, but the network (which uses O2), is to offer up the HTC 10 with absolutely no upfront cost. All the plans below allow “Anytime Upgrade” as standard

HTC 10 Camera shots

Back in the day we’d be able to at least bring you some details about what a new HTC handset feels, looks and operates like. Sadly, as the HTC 10 didn’t have a launch event and loan handsets are very thin on the ground, we really can’t

HTC 10 – The videos

Usually when a brand new handset is launched we’ll be reporting live right now. We’d be battling to get hold of the actual, real phone so that we can give you some instant feedback on what it’s actually like in the flesh. Unfortunately, the HTC 10 launch

HTC 10 Announced – All the details you need

In stark contrast to the huge Huawei P9 launch last week, the HTC web-only announcement was quite understated. No queues, no hands-on time, no photographs and no tiny burgers on sticks. It was all very… different. The handset, when it did appear on the HTC website, didn’t

HTC 10 Exposes itself all over the internet

To be fair, there’s almost nothing that we don’t know of the upcoming HTC 10 announcement. There’s been leaks-a-plenty, with photos and specs already doing the rounds. Today there’s an entire video, which you can see below.. She’s looking a bit like the HTC One A9 that