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Possible HTC One X9 leakage?

It’s safe to say that we were pretty impressed with the HTC One A9. Our review highlighted the great battery life and excellent build quality. Sure, it’s a shame that here in Europe we’re going to have to pay more for it and we’ll be getting the

HTC One A9 adverts start, and they’re quite good actually.

You’ve read the HTC One A9 review we posted last week and now HTC are cranking up the advertising machine for their shiny, skinny handset. Gone are those … ermm… “interesting” Robert Downey Jr adverts and now we’ve got something very different indeed. Here’s the ad, and

HTC One A9 – Review

A bit of history first, and perhaps a personal viewpoint from myself. Back in 2002 I handled my first HTC smartphone. It was branded up as an Orange SPV and it kick-started this entire website. HTC had a meteoric rise in the years following, releasing phones under

HTC One A9 – The details

You’ve seen the launch, you’ve heard the rumours and now it’s here – the very latest member of the HTC One family. Meet the HTC One A9.. Boasting an “evolution” of the original HTC One design, there’s a new “metalmorphics” approach to the design and finish of

HTC Launch Event – Watch LIVE

There had been a fair amount of leaks for the HTC One A9. Orange France gave us our most recent and clearest look at the new HTC handset, as you can see here.. Today we’re not in London or even New York (where the feed below seems

Orange list the HTC One A9

Yes, you’re right. This is a phone that hadn’t even been announced yet. HTC are trying to do a big build-up to their October 20th launch event. However, Orange France have just gone ahead and listed the thing on their website anyways. Details are there, plus pricing

HTC A9 on view in leaked images

With a product launch just around the corner (next Tuesday), the HTC leaks have kicked in again and we’ve a look at the HTC A9. The leaks, courtesy of @onleaks, show a device which has the bottom-mounted speaker grills we’ve seen on the Huawei P8 and iPhone

Google Nexus 9 (16GB) now £179.99 at Argos

Argos have dropped the price of the HTC made Nexus 9 16GB to £179.99 online. The Nexus 9 32GB has had its price cut to £299.99 as well. The Nexus 9 is last year’s Nexus tablet which brought the 4:3 aspect ratio to Google’s Nexus range. As

HTC to launch the first Marshmallow device

OK, quick version. The next version of Android is going to be called Marshmallow. More voice interaction is coming, meaning that we’ll be chatting to our phones more and additional third-party apps will be able to use Google voice commands. Your apps should be able to ask

HTC One M9e passes through certification.

Today China’s official certification database — TENAA, passed a previously unannounced HTC branded handset from HTC. It’s believed to be the HTC One M9e, a scaled-down model of the standard M9. M9e Specs Aluminium unibody. 5-inch Full HD display as per the M9. 2.2GHz octa-core Helio X10

HTC Desire 626 – Review

Think HTC and you’ll invariably think of the HTC One handsets. They’re beautiful. They’re well-built and they’re feature-rich. However, they’re also pretty expensive, so what about those who want a taste of HTC but don’t quite have the cash? The Desire 626 is a device I’ve had

HTC drops off Taiwan stock index

Despite efforts to reshape and refocus, HTC has today fallen from the bottom of the TWSE 50 Index, which lists Taiwan’s 50 largest firms. The fact that this has happened could further damage the HTC share price, which has taken a beating recently following a big drop

Mockodile not enough? Goldgenie helps…

Sometimes mockodile is just not enough, or so I’m told. If you have large amounts of cash you need to part with and a desire to flaunt it with an iOS or Android device, Goldgenie might be a company with something to offer you. They even have

HTC Buy back their own shares

Following some serious staff cut-backs and media reports announcing that the company was essentially worthless, HTC have announced that they are to buy their own shares. Now, this “share repurchase” might sound confusing but it basically means that the company is buying back its shares from the

HTC to lay off over 2,000 staff

Just a couple of days ago we showed that HTC was essentially worthless. Financially, at least. Today they’ve announced that 15% of their staff are to go in order to reduce operating expediture by 35%. The company states that they need to be “leaner and more agile”

HTC Add Wi-Fi Calling to HTC One M9 on EE

Wi-Fi Calling is almost the holy grail for people such as myself where the signal at home is shall we say less than desirable. The news is therefore good for those with an HTC One M9 on the EE network for Wi-Fi calling is about to be

HTC announce the Desire 626 for the UK

Well, no big launch event for this particular handset. It’s billed as a mid-range smartphone and features a Snapdragon 1.2GHz quad-core CPU with a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front one. It’s the successor to the HTC Desire 620, which was basically an upgraded HTC

Dear HTC. I want something like this I can design myself.

So HTC sent us a press release. We’d perhaps like one of their new phones, but we can’t get that. Anyhow. They sent us pictures of a model called Jourdan Dunn. We’re not sure who she is, and we’re totally against sexist imagery of ladies advertising phones.