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The HTC One (M8) Launches in Red and Pink

The HTC One (M8) is one of the most popular flagship Android devices that has been launched this year, and today HTC have announced that the device will be released shortly in 2 new colours Red & Pink. Both new colour variants retain the brushed metal, curved

HTC to the the smartwatch arena?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. This is pretty ugly. You’re right too, but it’s an apparent “artists representation” of what the new HTC smartwatch could look like. This one, as usual, comes from @evleaks and he’s his usual confident self when it comes to authenticity… To

HTC Dot View Case gets clever

We liked it to begin with, but now the HTC Dot View app has now got even better. You can now alter the wallpaper and you can swipe through email, voicemail, text and call notifications. The app can be tailored to your requirements and owners of the

HTC One mini 2 Review

You might be confused already. A phone with two numbers in the title – one written as a word, one as a digit? It’s basically the shrunken-down version of the HTC One M8 which I spent a week with very recently, but of course you’re going to

HTC Desire 816 Review

This handset has a lot of the features I’ve seen on the HTC One M8. I mean sure, if you fire up the camera you won’t have the Zoe camera option, or the Pan 360 setting, or that rather clever “Dual capture” options, but you still get

A week with… The HTC One M8

  I’ve used the HTC One M8 for a week now. It’s been my primary phone, so it’s had to put up with my daily abuse. As a heavy smartphone user, that’s no small ask. First up, I’m an existing Android owner, so out of the box

Phones 4u now giving away .. err.. trainers!

We’ve become accustomed to stores giving out free gifts with the latest phones, but giving out trainers? That’s a new thing on us. If you buy the HTC One (M8) or HTC One mini 2 they’ll chuck in a pair of mi Adidas trainers which, from what we can

“A week with …” Special

It’s dawned on me that I’ve got three handsets here which are pretty interesting. I’m also aware that I’ve not published one of our “Week with” features for some time, so this could be an ideal combination. In my possession I’ve got the HTC Desire 816, which

HTC Desire 816 Picture special

In February we managed to get a brief hands on the Desire 816. Sadly we didn’t get long with it and, at the time, nobody was allowed to turn it on. This week we’ve got some proper hands-on time with the handset. I’ve already fiddled with it

HTC announce the One E8

The HTC One M8 is possibly one of the best looking phones ever. HTC really have the while design aspect nailed, which in my opinion is partly down to the fact it’s made of one piece of aluminium. So when HTC dilute that wonderful design with variants

HTC M8 Ace confirmed.

After many leaks on the internet, the HTC M8 Ace has now appeared on HTC China’s website. If reveals the handset in several colours including red, blue, black and white. Making it out of reduced costs but does give the Ace a seamless look, similar to last

Vodafone offering up the HTC One mini for just £160

I love it when you guys email us. Do that more. Go on, give us a nudge on the contact form. If you have anything we should be talking about here, give us a yell. Szuting Chao has given us an email because he’s seen the HTC

HTC One mini 2 SIM-free pricing revealed

Following this mornings’ announcement, Phones 4u and Mobile Fun have announced SIM-free pricing. Phones 4u will be offering the handset for £359.95 whilst Mobile Fun will be trying to get £399.99 off you. The pricing is a little close to the bigger brother – the HTC One

HTC One mini 2 available on EE too

The HTC One mini 2 (which we’ll call the mini M8 for sanity) is already coming to Three, but now we’re hearing that EE will be taking it also. EE however,  will have an exclusive on the “amber gold” version. Available in June,  you can pre-order the

HTC One mini 2. The details.

This isn’t a math’s lesson before anyone tries to run away.  It’s HTC Launching the One Mini 2 “The world’s most grippable android ever” according to HTC.  But as all good things come in small packages, lets go see what we can say about this. The specs first

HTC One (M7) down to £319

With the all-new HTC One (M8) version now available, the slightly older (but still award-winning and rather good) HTC One (M7) is getting cheaper all the time. Right now at Asda Direct you can get the handset SIM-free for just £319. It previously sold for £477. The

Unsurprisingly HTC might just be releasing a HTC One M8 Mini

Tried and tested formulas are great, as long as they work that is. HTC obviously think they are onto a good thing and they are jolly well going to continue with it. I’m talking about HTC and their slightly smaller device the HTC One Mini it’s supposed

HTC One M8 gets price increase at Three

HTC both announced and launched the new One M8 on the same day, much to the surprise of many. One network who offered the best price (if you wanted it on Pay As You Go) was Three. Three were charging £459.99, however today online and in store prices have jumped

HTC One M8 – Review

HTC are a company known for making high end smartphones such as the Desire, Sensation and Legend. Their premier device of 2013 – the One – has now been uprated and the new version is known as the M8. The company announced two new devices at MWC

HTC M8 Ace leaks from the usual souce

No sooner have the latest two HTC phones been released amongst a flood of leaks than a fresh fissure has revealed the existence of another new handset, dubbed the HTC M8 Ace. There isn’t much to go on here, apart from a photo/render that’s had the screen

HTC again reporting losses

This time lat year HTC were under some considerable pressure after reporting the companies lowest profits to date, people were saying that the death knell was sounding for the Taiwanese company. Despite launching two flagship devices the HTC One M7 and now the M8 this hasn’t stemmed

Three now selling unlocked phones?

Three have been selling most of their phone range on PAYG for a while now. Normally only certain phones are on Pay As You Go from launch, perhaps to have enough stock for the contract customers who will be committing to a longer deal. Recently the company

Amazon S5 / Z2 / One M8 pricing

If you’re after either the Samsung Galaxy S5,  the Sony Xperia Z2 or the HTC One M8 and have some money stashed away,  check the SIM free prices on Amazon. The HTC One M8 seems to be the cheapest at £529.95 whilst the Sony and Samsung both

HTC D616W, complete with octacore CPU, snapped

The jury is out on whether this is an “octacore” or “octocore”. Let’s just call it an 8-core phone because my spell check says they’re both wrong. This is the catchily-titled HTC D616W and, if I’m honest, it looks a lot like the HTC 816. The spec,

HTC still working on a Windows Phone .. apparently

Windows Phone handsets. Remember them? I’m sure that, before the Galaxy S5 launch, the Sony Xperia Z2 announcement, the whole Lenovo deal, the HTC One (M8) event and those Nokia X devices there was some mention of this OS. HTC still remember it and, if WPDang is