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MWC – giffgaff to range the HTC One M9 too

Some hours ago, or possibly days (I’m not totally sure as Mobile World Congress week is always pretty insane at the best of time), we mentioned that giffgaff are to offer the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Now they’ve announced that the HTC One M9 will

MWC – HTC One M8 to become the HTC One M8s

If I’m honest it’s difficult to know exactly where to start with this one. I mean, the HTC One M8 is still a fantastic handset, regardless of the HTC One M9. However, just a couple of days after the HTC One M9 launch, there’s news via

MWC – Full hands-on with the HTC One M9

During the big HTC One M9 event we only had a brief and very sweaty few minutes with the device on video. Sadly, even when we went to the stand today, there wasn’t any HTC staff to give us a demo or show the device off. So,

MWC – HTC One M9 hands-on, plus the HTC Grip and HTC Vive

We didn’t just get the expected HTC One M9 announcement. No. We had a virtual reality headset and a big partnership with Valve and a fitness tracker too. However, concentrating on the One M9 for a moment, it’s yet another robust, well designed and good looking handset.

MWC – HTC One M9 quick photo special

So, it was pretty much as expected with the launch of the HTC One M9. What wasn’t expected was the additional gadgets and services that HTC are working on. A virtual reality headset, coming to consumers before the end of the year, and a partnership with Valve

MWC – HTC Event Live

We’ve seen the leaks and this morning we even saw it available to buy online. Now is the time to see how much of this is true and to get the full details of the new HTC One. We’ve got the live stream below plus our thoughts

MWC – HTC One (M9) slips onto BestBuy website a little early

Hey, someone tell bestbuy that the HTC One (M9) launch isn’t until this afternoon. This listing has appeared overnight, and it seems to contain either official imagery or good “guesswork” based on the leaks we’ve seen so far. The specs are also listed and the handset is

MWC – HTC Announce exclusive new handset

Yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The new HTC handset has been announced just ahead of Mobile World Congress. It is…. the…. HTC One M8 again. Ahhh… This isn’t the handset expected to launch on Sunday and is instead an existing HTC

HTC M9 leaks… yet again

HTC seems to be having a problem keeping a lid on things recently. As a result the HTC M9 has been leaking like a burst dam during monsoon season. I honestly have not seen this many leaks for any other phone that doesn’t have an Apple logo

HTC Desire 620 now available on Three

Remember the HTC Desire 610? That had a 4.7″ qHD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and 8GB on-board. The 620, however, has had a bit of an upgrade with a slightly bigger 5″ 720×1280 screen but similar specs everywhere else. The 620 is now

More HTC One M9 leakage

What do we know about the new HTC One M9 so far? Well, it may or may not look like this and, if it does, the jury is out on whether the design is enough of a change to get us all buying the thing. Earlier shots

HTC Desire 626 specs leaked

According to @upleaks Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC is working on a mid-range handset dubbed the Desire 626. From the leaked images, the Desire 626 looks very similar to HTC’s current mid-range Desire handset the 826. However, the Desire 626 will sport considerably less powerful internals, which includes :-

More holes than Swiss cheese. Yet more HTC One M9 shots emerge

There’s always a fine line just before a big phone launch. For a start, we never know if.. a) The leaks are made “accidentally on purpose” to increase the hype around the phone. b) If the phone we’re seeing here is actually a dummy, prototype or perhaps

HTC One M9 pictures leak out ahead of MWC

Yay! Just a few weeks to Mobile World Congress and we’re getting the inevitable leaks ahead of the event. Yesterday we found some early details on the HTC One M9 but now we have some prototype photos and, as expected, it looks very similar to the already

HTC One M9 to arrive in March according to rumours

Mobile World Congress last year HTC were a little quiet. Yes, we got a quick hands-on with their Desire 816 but we couldn’t turn it on and most devices on show were earlier models. This year we’re hoping that HTC will make more of a splash, and

My time with the HTC Desire 816

The large oversized phone market is a hugely popular one these days, some call them “Phablets”, some just call phones, I call them the future. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I really do like a large phone these days. I have been a large

HTC M8 Developer & Unlocked Editions Receiving Lollipop Update

When Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop in October last year, HTC boldly announced that they would update their flagship device within 90 days (oh how we sniggered). Well it appears we shouldn’t have laughed so hard as HTC was able to keep that plan in tact. According to

HTC release HTC Internet app onto the Play Store

HTC and many other manufacturers have published their apps onto the Google Play Store, it helps manufacturers release updates quicker and it circumvents carriers/networks for small things like web browsers or gallery apps. Obviously you’re going to need an HTC device to install this, which at the