HTC Desire 10 lined up for launch on Tuesday

HTC Desire 10 lined up for launch on Tuesday
What are you doing on Tuesday morning? Well, we’re going to be at a swanky launch party in the West End of London. We’ll be eating canapés, drinking free champagne, meeting the…..

..wait. Ah no. It’s another one of those “web” launches from HTC. Gah.. what happen to the good times eh? I met Stephen Fry once. Now things have changed somewhat and I’ll be sitting in the kitchen at home with a packet of sausage rolls and a can of Fanta instead.

The upcoming phone will be displayed at on September 20th at 8AM UK time. We’re all expecting that phone to be the HTC Desire 10 and there’s already video teasers popping onto YouTube like this…

The #BeEdgier hashtag is now getting banded about and there’s obviously going to be a fingerprint system on the back with an edgier design. You can watch the launch live on that site too, but if you’re in the USA it’ll be the middle of the night (midnight Pacific, 3AM Eastern) so.. perhaps watch these videos and then come and have a read all about it when you wake up.

Right, I’m off to get those sausage rolls. I’m all class, baby…