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Direct file access on Windows phone – Aerize Explorer

A file manager with direct file system access and the ability to move and copy files between storage cards? On Windows Phone? Are you having a laugh? Aerize Explorer, which is available completely free in the Windows Phone Store lets you use a friendly and familiar browsing

Windows Phone 8.1 now available – first thoughts

For those of us unswayed by the app delights of iOS and the open source recklessness of Android, Windows Phone offers an attractive alternative. Since its launch in 2010 the OS has had a number of updates, some small, some large.  Windows Phone 8, introduced in late

Windows Phone 8.1 developer software coming next week

Microsoft held their Build 2014 event recently and the focus for mobile was on Windows Phone 8.1. The improvements it brings to the mobile platform include a new voice assistant called Cortana, background tiles and a notification centre the company calls ‘Action centre’ plus much more. The

Samsung Ativ SE – Available 12/4 in the USA

Living in the USA? On the Verizon Network? Fancy a new Windows Phone? I know you’re probably not but if you are great news for you Windows Phone fans.  Do you remember James’s post back in March about the Samsung Ativ SE (Link), well it’s being released

Nokia Lumia 630 – Hands on at the Gadget Show Live

Nokia announced the Windows Phone 8.1 equipped Lumia 630 last week and it’s possibly one of the most hotly anticipated Nokia devices at the moment. Mainly down to the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 at what should be a bargain price. You may have realised that

Windows Phone 8.1 is here. Get all the details.

Got yourself a Windows Phone 8 device? You’ll soon be getting 8.1 and includes a “bunch” of stuff which is, apparently, “rad”. Last year, if you had a screen big enough, Windows Phone 8 added an additional column to the main screen. This has now found its’

The Windows Phone market share roller coaster ride

Got yourself a Windows Phone? Know anyone with a Windows Phone? Yeah. There’s a problem isn’t there? See, low-cost handsets were doing well for Microsoft and Nokia. Those Lumia 520 devices were doing well for a bit, and MicroNokia has since followed up with some Android devices

HTC still working on a Windows Phone .. apparently

Windows Phone handsets. Remember them? I’m sure that, before the Galaxy S5 launch, the Sony Xperia Z2 announcement, the whole Lenovo deal, the HTC One (M8) event and those Nokia X devices there was some mention of this OS. HTC still remember it and, if WPDang is

The Huawei is for turning

Huawei recently revealed plans to release a dual operating system handset running Android and Windows Phone, but in our article about it we suggested that it may be unpopular with the two tech behemoths, and this could cause trouble. Now we don’t like to say that we

Office Lens is released now save Whiteboard pictures saved to OneNote

The Final version Microsoft’s Office Lens has gone live on the Windows Phone Store today. This app makes it easier to capture “Chalk and Talk” presentation, of Whiteboard brainstorms and receipts for expenses. Using OCR the text from documents is made searchable.  There are 3 modes, Document Whiteboard and

Huawei to launch dual boot Android and Windows Phone in Q2

“I like the Windows Phone platform, but I couldn’t have it as my only phone”, is something I hear all the time. Unfortunately there’s a lot of merit to that statement and, even now, I agree. Huawei has heard our gripes and is doing something about them.

Podcast 83 – The Nokia week

It has been a big week if you are a fan of Nokia and a fan of leaks and rumours, so who better to have on as our special guest this week Jim O’Brien from Nokia News Ireland. Joining me and Jim this week were Ian and

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 is now available

Last week at MWC Microsoft announced that Facebook Messenger would be coming to the Windows Phone Store soon, we all took that with a pinch of salt, expecting the “soon” bit to mean months. But lo and behold during the night Facebook themselves have published the app.

Nokia and Lumia names to continue

With Microsoft about to complete the deal to purchase the Nokia handset division, there was a lot of speculation. Would we then see the end of the Nokia or Lumia brand on future phones or will these become Microsoft products? However, the good news for Nokia fans

HTC to update Android on “flagship” handsets for 2 years

Good news for Android and some Windows Phone after a online Q&A revealed some juicy new details from HTC. First up, with Windows Phone 8X owners, HTC are working on an 8.1 upgrade as we speak. Secondly, if you’re looking to get a HTC Android device, the

Nokia Lumia 1320 arrives in the UK

A few weeks before it started raining we heard about the new 6 incher from Nokia. The Lumia 1320, which comes complete with 8GB internal storage, 1GB RAM and a dual-core 1.7GHz CPU, runs Windows Phone 8 and has a 5 megapixel shooter at the back to

Nokia announce the Verizon exclusive Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon is something I and many others have been waiting for, mainly because it is basically a shrunk down Lumia 1520. Although there is a catch, the Lumia Icon is probably never going to make it to our shores. What most non US residents are

Microsoft giving free Nokia Lumia phones to Android and iOS owners

Microsoft isn’t a company that uses subtle marketing techniques, their ham-fisted Scroogled campaign has lost them a lot of respect, so this time their giving people phones in order to get them to switch from Android or iOS to the Windows Phone platform. The deal is that

Nokia Lumia 920 available for really not that much at all

Alright flower? How goes it? Fancy a cheap mobile? How does £169 for a Nokia Lumia 920 sound? Good yeah? The 920 is powered by Windows Phone 8 and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 at its’ heart. There’s an 8.7 megapixel Pureview camera, 4.5″ WXGA (1280×768) screen