MWC – Acer Jade Primo hands on

We took a chance to go out to see the Acer booth and whilst we were out there we came across the recently announced Jade Primo Windows 10 mobile. Now we have already covered this one during our IFA coverage from last year. Although we covered it there we were unable to actually get hands on with the device then. We have now been to see it and I can say that as far as Acer smartphone goes this is one that might be worth a revisit.

The phone has very similar specs to that of the Lumia 950 (Standard) in that it shares the same Snapdragon 808 processor and that it has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of EWMMC memory, it also meets the requirement set out by Microsoft to allow the use of Continuum. This makes for a great way to expand the functionality of the phone. here is a snapshot of the core specs.MWC   Acer Jade Primo hands on

Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor
3GB of RAM
32GB of internal storage
5.5-inch, Full HD 1080p AMOLED display with 2.5D Gorilla Glass
21MP rear camera with dual-LED flash
8MP wide angle front facing camera
Cat. 6 LTE

Unfortunately, we do seem to be missing the highlight feature’s of the 2K screen, as we have a 1920 x 1080 display here wish is not by any means a bad screen. However, the rest of the phone is really up there with the Lumia big hitter. MWC   Acer Jade Primo hands onThe phone has a different style dock, this time, things are not quite as refined as the Microsoft one and it also lacks the display port out but, you have got the essentials. The dock itself is very sleek and well built and works well giving you a nice upright view of the phone whilst you work on your big screen setup.

MWC   Acer Jade Primo hands on

There are some very nice design details on the phone such as the gentle curve of the glass display and the arc of the back cover. The 21mp camera is mirrored at the base of the phone by a nice circular speaker that is capable of outputting a good volume level albeit with the inherent tinniness you would come to expect of any mobile phone speaker.MWC   Acer Jade Primo hands on

As for the actual size of the device, we can see that it is not any bigger than that of the Moto X Force that I am currently reviewing. MWC   Acer Jade Primo hands on It is a tiny bit taller but not by much and that is really because of the fact that the Moto X Force use’s the space at the bottom of the phone a bit more effectively.  As for the sides, these are very slim and sleek and the buttons are almost indistinguishable from the metallic edging strip that runs the length of the phone. Here is where you will find the Dual SIM slot and the Micro SD Card slot.MWC   Acer Jade Primo hands on

We have been informed that the phone will be coming to the UK and it will most likely be bundled with a keyboard, wireless mouse and the dock. I have not had a concrete answer in this but i have made the necessary enquiries and will update this article when we know for certain either way. I have been pretty impressed with the look and the feel of the Acer Jade Primo and look forward to getting hold of one at Coolsmartphone towers for a full on review in the near future.