Skype. Remember that Windows Phone users?

Skype. Remember that Windows Phone users?
Quite a few people I know used to use Skype. It’s a great app and you can do all that video calling business, but WhatsApp appears to have taken over the world. We’re organising the charity bike ride (please do donate, we could do with an extra push) with WhatsApp and it’s so much easier in a group. Anyway, Microsoft is going to continue supporting Skype on iOS 8, Android 4.03 and Windows 10 Mobile… but not or older versions of Android or Windows Phone 8.

It seems like it’ll still work, but it won’t be updated. Who owns Skype? Oh, that’s right. Microsoft.

Gah :(

While I’m here, is it just me? Are many of you using Skype? On the iPhone I do actually like the FaceTime integration and kinda wish it was baked into Android by default.

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