Windows 10 Mobile has arrived

Windows 10 Mobile has arrived
Word on the street is that Windows 10 Mobile is arriving on handsets right now, with select Windows 8.1 devices getting the update.

Mike Phillips has mailed in to tell us that he’s got it on his Lumia 1520 already. The supported devices for the upgrade are as follows..

Lumia 1520
Lumia 930
Lumia 640
Lumia 640XL
Lumia 730
Lumia 735
Lumia 830
Lumia 532
Lumia 535
Lumia 540
Lumia 635 1GB
Lumia 636 1GB
Lumia 638 1GB
Lumia 430
Lumia 435
BLU Win HD w510u
BLU Win HD LTE x150q
MCJ Madosma Q501

If your device isn’t there then it’s basically because Microsoft don’t believe that Windows 10 would run properly. It looks like anything with 512MB RAM is a non starter. They state…

Our goal is to only offer the Windows 10 upgrade to devices that we are confident can continue to deliver a good customer experience.

Head to the Microsoft site for further information and do let us know what you think of the new OS when you receive it. Benefits include enhanced notifications, more quick actions, a new photos app, cleaner settings and more.