Windows Phone continues to fade away

Windows Phone continues to fade away

I’ve called it the death of Windows Phone. We knew it was losing market share but then things started getting worse. In March it was all over for me. Yes, the OS is good. Yes, the phones are good, but there was a lack of love from Microsoft. A lack of support from developers and quiet handset releases. Things were going wrong.

Now Kantar Worldpanel are back again with their market share figures and it’s yet more grim reading. Big declines for Windows Phone – some countries have seen the OS lose 9% share. Windows 10 Mobile seems to have done nothing to help.

In France the Q1 2015 market share figures for Windows Phone were 14.1%. Pretty respectable that. Hard won and close to major players. Fast forward to Q1 2016 and that market share is just 5%.

Dominic Sunnebo, business unit director for Kantar Worldpanel, stated..

For those switching from Windows, Android has offered a better user experience, with a variety of brands and models across a multitude of price points.

In Italy and France, the strongest Windows Phone markets for a time, nearly 10% of Windows mobile users moved to Android in the three months ending March 2016. What’s more, they opted for brands like Huawei, Wiko, and Asus, featuring mid-range devices that represent good value for the money.

The majority of countries within the report show big drops too.