Windows Mobile – Yep, still dead.

Back in 2016 I stated that Windows Phone, or Windows Mobile, or whatever you wanted to call it, was dead. The article caused a bit of a stir, but hey – it was true. Still is.

The short version was that, whilst the GUI and the experience was great, developers were almost having to be paid to develop for the platform. In the end, with the amount of apps and updates reducing, even huge fans of the platform decided to move elsewhere.

It’s a shame if I’m honest. The site was created off the back of the whole “Microsoft Smartphone” creation, and I really didn’t want to touch an Android phone at one point. Now though, it’s definitely, positively, absolutely dead. In a recent update from the company, Microsoft are even telling people to go and buy an iPhone or an Android phone..

What should Windows 10 Mobile customers do now?

With the Windows 10 Mobile OS end of support, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device. Microsoft’s mission statement to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, compels us to support our Mobile apps on those platforms and devices.

So yes. There’s no doubt any more. It’s dead. It has ceased to be. It has expired and gone to meet it’s maker. It’s a stiff! Bereft of life.

Got one? Yep, your next phone needs to be something else.

Nonetheless, your old windows mobile phone can still be used for operating less resource-intensive web based software applications, such as cloud CMMS systems, which will still work well with windows phone, like the facility maintenance software by Fincio Systems. You can provide your maintenance management staff with these low-cost used Windows mobile phones to access this less resource intensive application and you will save a lot of money.