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HTC to lay off over 2,000 staff

Just a couple of days ago we showed that HTC was essentially worthless. Financially, at least. Today they’ve announced that 15% of their staff are to go in order to reduce operating expediture by 35%. The company states that they need to be “leaner and more agile”

HTC announce the One M8 with Windows

Yes Windows Phone fans the day has arrived, the day that a new viable alternative to a Nokia arrived on the scene and it’s made by HTC. In a move that has been leaked and discussed at length they’ve basically took the HTC One M8 and installed

It seems that the HTC 8S won’t be getting update 1

Windows Phone gets criticised a lot. Manufacturers get criticised a lot, especially when they don’t update devices to the latest and greatest software. So imagine the hate HTC are going to be up against as they’ve announced on their forums that their budget Windows Phone the 8S

Wait (W8) One Mate (M8), a new HTC Windows Phone is on its way

Some good news and some bad news here folks. First the good: Last week I bemoaned the lack of any alternatives to the monster Lumia 1520 or Glance-less Lumia 930 for top end WP 8 phones.  Clearly someone was paying attention as it would appear HTC are

O2 taking Pre-Orders for S5 and Sony Z2

Following on from Carphone Warehouse, O2 are also taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony z2 from today. The S5 will be available in either black or white from April 11th, and a little later for the other colours. The Z2 will be in

HTC still working on a Windows Phone .. apparently

Windows Phone handsets. Remember them? I’m sure that, before the Galaxy S5 launch, the Sony Xperia Z2 announcement, the whole Lenovo deal, the HTC One (M8) event and those Nokia X devices there was some mention of this OS. HTC still remember it and, if WPDang is

HTC to update Android on “flagship” handsets for 2 years

Good news for Android and some Windows Phone after a online Q&A revealed some juicy new details from HTC. First up, with Windows Phone 8X owners, HTC are working on an 8.1 upgrade as we speak. Secondly, if you’re looking to get a HTC Android device, the

Nokia and HTC agree patent collaboration

After spending the last few years slinging mud at each other in various court rooms around the world resulting in injunctions against the sale of the HTC One mini, which was then revoked, Nokia and HTC seem to have made up. The One mini seemed to be

HTC and Microsoft discuss handsets

It is no secret that HTC are struggling, they recently revealed that have made a loss for the first time ever and the leaks and rumours only really point to one device that is rather underwhelming (One Max). So what do they do next? Android just isn’t

HTC off-load remaining Beats shares

Well, we kinda knew it was on the cards, now it has indeed happened. HTC has sold the remaining shares in Beats Electronics. Bloomberg reports that the deal is expected to complete in the fourth quarter and will raise $265 million for the rather battered HTC. HTC

Another cheap Windows Phone – HTC 8X tumbles in price

This weekend I’ve seen a number of cheap Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 520 can be picked up on a Pay As You Go upgrade with Carphone Warehouse for just £59.95, meanwhile the HTC 8X has had a further price drop to £189.99 SIM Free (inc delivery).

Robert Downey Jr. signs up for HTC

Chaplin, US Marshals, Iron Man and now… HTC adverts. Robert Downey Jr had just signed a two year agreement with the company and there’s a 15 second preview of what you’ll soon be seeing below. He’ll be helping to promote and celebrate the impact that HTC have

Yet more cheap Windows Phone action

The “economic climate”, a “period of austerity” or “the downturn”, call it what you will. We’re all a bit skint. Recently we’ve covered ways to cut down on your mobile spending. Cheaper phones,  SIM only deals and basically switching to a better plan.  Today it’s another cheap

HTC warns of possible operating loss

Operating loss.. what’s that then? Well, if you’re not into your economics this might not mean a great deal. Put simply it’s the point at which a company’s operating expenses exceed its income. This is what could well happen at HTC very soon. They’ve today warned that

Just how cheap can the HTC 8X get?

The HTC 8X is one of the nicest looking phones I’ve ever used, it is also one of the highest specified Windows Phone 8 devices around. Seemingly the only problem with it is that it isn’t made by Nokia. Over the last few months the price of

GDR2 update is now available for some HTC 8X

As is often the norm with with OS updates different manufacturers release their updates at totally different times. Earlier on in the week we saw certain users of the Samsung Ativ S are getting the update already (mine still hasn’t), but today it’s the turn of the

HTC, Sprint and Microsoft join forces – The HTC 8XT

HTC look to have taken some parts from their excellent Android-powered HTC One here. Meet the 8XT. It’s powered by Windows Phone 8 but has dual front-facing stereo speakers, Beats Audio and BoomSound technology like the HTC One. Available from “later this summer” it’ll go for just

So how would I make the HTC One better?

Install Windows Phone 8 on it of course. Before you all get cross I’m kidding here, yes I’d like a Windows Phone version of the HTC One but I doubt it would be better. Neowin have been tipped off by a source that HTC is currently working

HTC Hire Iron Man (sort of!)

Ok I’ll admit I got WAY over excited when I heard this and let my imagination get the better of me! Heads up displays, Jarvis voiceovers – maybe even a Stark industries phone – but no, sadly the truth is a little more down to earth. HTC

HTC want your help

HTC are doing some market research and they’d like to hear from you. You’ve just pulled out your HTC smartphone, but what are you going to do with it? Are you looking for news or updates from social media? Perhaps you’re just checking email or text messages?