HTC and Microsoft discuss handsets

HTC and Microsoft discuss handsets
It is no secret that HTC are struggling, they recently revealed that have made a loss for the first time ever and the leaks and rumours only really point to one device that is rather underwhelming (One Max).

So what do they do next? Android just isn’t working for them, Windows Phone was spoiled by Nokia and their quarterly Microsoft rebate andtheir exclusive apps. There isn’t realistically another option for them.

Apparently Microsoft have been in talks with HTC. Terry Myerson, who is the head of Microsoft’s operating systems unit, apparently asked HTC last month to load Windows Phone as a second option on handsets with Google Android. Another part of the rumour is that Microsoft have offered to waive the license fee as well for these handsets.

All in all I’m not sure what to make of these rumours.

People from HTC and Microsoft would have obviously had a meeting after the recent news about Microsoft buying Nokia, if only to secure them as a future Windows Phone manufacturer. Microsoft and Windows Phone will never succeed with just one in house hardware manufacturer they’ll need to keep HTC, Samsung, Huawei and maybe some other companies onboard. Several months ago we did hear about a Windows Phone version of the HTC One coming with the next update to Windows Phone 8, so it isn’t too far fetched an idea.

The second thing I’m struggling to belive is the rumour of dual booting devices. Yes Microsoft may have mentioned adding Windows Phone onto Android devices, but the hardware constraints and getting Google to play ball would be problematic if not impossible. Imagine having a budget device with its internal memory split in two for two different OSs. It would be a mess. What it does show however is that Microsoft are willing to try anything, even if that includes hitching a ride on Android devices and hoping the user’s feel inquisitive enough about the other OS lurking beneath the surface.

So what is actually happening? I have no idea, I’m guessing that what was more than likely discussed was HTC being asked to offer two versions of each device they manufacture next year. So you’d see what looks like three devices on the shelf ie an HTC One Mini, an HTC One and an HTC One Max each with the option of either Android or Windows Phone installed on it.

Only time will tell, HTC have to do something sharpish if they want to continue in the mobile industry. Whether that move is to cosy up to Microsoft in a bid to raise awareness of Windows Phone, again I’m not sure.

As for Microsoft and Windows Phone they really need to look at their OS and other OSs and see what people do, what people use and what people actually want to do and fix Windows Phone. I’ve been using it for years now and I’m really starting to get annoyed. Every day becomes a compromise to get something done.

All I can say is good luck to HTC as they are going to need it.

Source – Bloomberg